How Death Stranding Helped Me Survive A Pandemic

David Morgan from WGTC writes: "With the release of Death Stranding on PC, we had the chance to revisit Hideo Kojima's captivating and unique take on the 'walking simulator.'"

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East76lands54d ago

I tried my hardest to enjoy this game but it was such a drudge I ended up deleting it along with all my save data, it's a game that demands all your attention or none of it.


Yep, I had exactly the same. The cast is great and the atmosphere is like nothing I've ever seen but I think I stopped playing a few hours after the boat trip.

Reinstalled it two days ago but didn't get to it and eventually deleted it again to make room for a few more games.

East76lands54d ago

I had to delete all my save data to stop me going back to it, I did it with a heavy heart though because as you said it's a completely unique experience. I just don't have the time to play a game like this nowadays with a very young son, I literally grab an hour here and there but an hour on this game is almost pointless.

54d ago
TheEnigma31354d ago

You really should have continued. It goes into full speed at like chapter 4 i think. The key is to ignore side quests.


Good to know, I'll probably try it again soon then. Thanks for the tip!

Sayai jin54d ago

Same here. Although, my son continued through it and enjoyed jt.

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mastershredder54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

So it was not you that got you this far, it was the game huh? (giving Hideo credit like a good fan boy). That’s sad (not to mention depressing). It’s a console not a crutch. It keeps you occupied. It and the games do not correct mental instabilities, just assists with boredom.

Let’s get real. You did not survive anything, you passed the time sitting on your ass. Achievement unlocked. Congrats.

Sophisticated_Chap54d ago

"How Death Stranding Helped Me Survive Through a Bad Flu Season" Fixed*

tombfan54d ago

We all wish it'd be just a bad flu... But it's whaaaaaay worse than that.

Sophisticated_Chap54d ago

I agree it's way worse, but not because of the virus, which has proven to have a far lower mortality rate than what we were being told by the Chinese controlled WHO. Leftists in governments across the western world are doing all they can to seize power and control their citizens, in the name of global governance.

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