Researcher predicts Blu-ray domination by 2008

Early market dominance and the PS3 presented as key to long-term victory.

Research firm Understanding & Solutions (U&S)has been keeping tabs on the HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray format war, and though the end isn't yet in sight, they're willing to place their long-term bets on Blu-ray.

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funkybudda4913d ago

no dumb remarks from the xbots, guess they can only say crap on negative news related to PS3.

joemutt4913d ago

If blu-ray wins I just might get a PS3, but until that is clear, Im gonna stick to DVD's and HD movies from Xbox Live.

I'll let someone else be the guinee pig.

MySwordIsHeavenly4913d ago

That 200 extra bucks you spent on the add-on sure shows us huh???

I freakin' told you fanboys that blu-ray would win. A movie format launched with a system has NEVER failed...and it just can't this time. When MGS4, DMC4, FFXIII, and Killzone 2 come out...HD-DVD will be a thing of the past...haha.

UrbanJabroni4912d ago

"I freakin' told you fanboys that blu-ray would win."

First off, BOTH formats have a long way to go, and NO ONE is in a position to declare a winner. For every analyst that votes BR, another votes HD.

And I appreciate your insight, but you have an incredibly small 50/50 chance of picking the winning format. Either way, calling a winner is silly at this point and not a particularly large accomplishment.

pbo2m34913d ago

Personally I don't care who wins. This is only a prediction. You talk about the xbots but you paople are all the same. If they were to predict that HD-DVD would win you would say its all crap and its only a prediction. But they say that BLU-RAY will win and you poeple are all over it like flies on s--t. These are the same predictions that analysts say and what do they know? Absolutely nothing.

spacetoilet4913d ago

This shows the childish nature of some of the 360 owners who bash ps3 all the time. If this was an article about how blu ray sucks and hd dvdv was winning, there would be about 68 comments by now from the ps3 detractor gang. A.K.A. Xbots. "At least Microsoft gives you a choice...blah...blah...blah... etc.."

InMyOpinion4912d ago

When xbox fanboys bash on Ps3 articles you comment on that and say "Why are you commenting on a Ps3 article? Leave us alone!". When they don't you still comment on them, call them "xbots" and act like you want xbox fans to get mad. Why don't you focus your comments around the article instead? (Probably cause retardation is a way of life for you.)

spacetoilet4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

The reason I did not focus on the article is because I am genuinely amazed at the lack of bashing this thread has received. Anything remotely negative, or spun in a negative way about the PS3, attracts so much B$ from the,how do you put it, 'fanboy's' of the 360, that I was compelled to point it out. To tell you the truth I don't know what standard will be adopted. Blu-ray seems the sensible choice to me as it has capacity for much larger amounts of data than HD-DVD. Oh, and a quick tip, don't do a paragraph about me using name calling and such and then call me a retard, makes you look like a retard.

joemutt4912d ago

The reason is this is an article about movies, on a gaming website.

If someone is here to read up on games, why would they read an article on movies? Much less post a comment, I'll tell you why, they dont care.

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