Harrison Talks PS3 Reaction & Controllers

In the second part of the 'Edge interviews hardware big cheeses' series, we hear what Phil Harrison had to say about Sony's recent performance at E3, and the company's controller issues.

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DC RID3R5473d ago

if this guy can't remember how poor his own sony press confernce was, then either, he's a thick idiot or he's on some serious class A drugs!!
i personally think most of the Sony camp's on drugs, and that's why i've applied the new PR post!!

OutLaw5473d ago

What is he on? The guy look stupid when he was asked.

There was a general feeling that attendees came out of this year's presentation less enthused than they were coming out of last year's. His answer was stupid. He responded by saying.
Yeah, I agree with that, and I don't quite know why that is.

I guess, um, when something is new and exciting and heard for the first time, that elicits a certain reaction emotionally, compared to when you're just confirming something that people already know.

He really believe this was the first time people heard about the PS3. Okay.

THAMMER15473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

I am still not sold on PS3. I will have to play it to make a real decision. They have just stumbled a bumbled their usual hype. And have you noticed that the PS3 fan boys (ackira) are accusing Microsoft of hype all of a sudden.

Jay da 2KBalla5472d ago

I agree with all 3 of yall. And yea achiraa is an asshole.

achira5473d ago

i think you are on drugs. the presentation was better than the ms hype show.

Cyclonus5473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

If he's on drugs, its only because he took them out of your medicine cabinet. Microsoft's show destroyed Sony's. Based on audience reaction ALONE, its easy to tell who made the biggest impact.

At MS's show everybody was showing real enthusiasm; clapping and cheering throughout Cliffy B's GeOW demo. And they were riveted in their seats for the H3 announcment teaser - the theater cheered over the mere GLIMPSE of the Master Chief through the smoke...and when it was over, they roared their approval.

Contrast that with Sony's show, where you could've heard a cricket fart. On multiple occasions, Kaz Hirai had to beg - actually BEG the crowd to applaud for embarrassed-looking devs showing their mediocre games....The only time the audience made any noise was during the infamous "Riiiidge Raaacer" incident...they laughed...and trust me, they werent laughing WITH him....

THAMMER15473d ago

I think Achira is either a really little kid or he is being paid to be this dumb. Tell me what you think.

pRo loGic II5473d ago

achira achira achira... lol

The Real Deal5473d ago

Were you at this years E3? Because MS didn't hype anything. They were the ONLY company that had playable games that were actually Next Gen and not ran on computers or other systems besides the system you are suppose to be showing off. It is what it is. It doesn't mean the ps3 will suck. It just means that their games weren't close to being showed off yet. Nintendo wowed everyone with a fresh new look and play to games. Ms wowed with top notch content that was playable and coming soon.

PS360PCROCKS5473d ago

Your dean on man, I agree

USMChardcharger5473d ago

what is funny is a couple of days ago he jumped on someone who said something negative about sony...
and yet he is always saying something neg. about M$

FamoAmo5472d ago

Achira must be a Sony employee. He is just a dumb as them!! Sony had the worst E3 ever!!lol...

TheMART5472d ago

Achira you are really funny. Go watch the shows now and see how the publics reacts @ MS show clapping and cheering. @ Sony's show they're almost death and further disappointed of the CGI showed @ E3 2005 and now they got almost nothing.

You are a real fanboy placing it like Sony had a good show. That's funny

Jay da 2KBalla5472d ago

yea I agree with all yall except achira who is an asshole.

Marriot VP5472d ago

achira your hopelessly lost in your love for Sony.

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sonyISgod5473d ago

All of you think that peoples will buy a next gen console base on E3 presentation? If so than, where is the sky rocketing of M$ sales of there 360? All of you are just pathetic for being so ignorant. You come onto the Sony section and claim BS but can't back your BS up. Stop being a kids already and grow up for once.


I think E3 just reflect's Sony's attitude to gamers and the PS3. They pretend they don't lie, pretend the games look/play great, pretend that no one will notice them ripping off the wii controller and Live!, pretend everyone is happy about a $600 price point. Sony HQ must have one hell of a big bucket of sand for them to bury all of their heads in.

Meanwhile, back in reality, only people like sonyisgod and achira actually believe them. These are the people that they will suck $600+ from for a second-rate next generation experiance, because they believe every word that comes from Sony, regardless of how ridiculous, stupid, untrue or overblown it is.

Sony bank on these idiots.

OutLaw5473d ago

You are correct with everything you said about sonyisgod. But how much you want to bet that all this Sh!t he been talking and he can't even afford a ps3.

The Real Deal5473d ago

E3 is for developers and console makers to show off what they have coming. Xbox 360's have been selling as fast as the stores are getting them. Its a steady 300,000 a month in the usa alone. Until they can get more systems out to the stores it will continue to sell out. I have talked to EB games, Walmart, and Best buy. Every store I go to has them on the shelves. I asked them are they selling. They all tell me that they get several shipments a week and sell out the day they get them. They also said everyone who buys them are surprised they are even on store shelves as most people don't know they are available untill they see them. World wide already above 5 million sold and by the launch of the ps3 they will be close to the 10 million mark. And 150 games by the holiday season. Ps3 will be lucky to have 10 games by launch from what they showed at E3.

TheMART5472d ago


this is you in the movie

Jay da 2KBalla5472d ago

I agree with wat all of yall said about sony is god and achira.

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pRo loGic II5473d ago

Im glad Sony's working on the quality of their controller and games but those controllers suck ass and motion sensing is ridiculous; it's not a good idea for standard gameplay (not like Wii). This guy is fullofshit

Lucidmantra5473d ago

and that SOny show wasn't a hype show?? ALl i can say is bring a console to market and let us play it and see if it is as good as you say. Lets load up whatever and Gears of War and see what happens. I won't say MGS4 since that won't come out for another year they need to suck anpother E3 of hype out of their crown jewel. MS showed its real-time preview of it this year, they will have more at e3 07 and it will be out. Instead of sucking 3 E3s of hype out of it.