DOOM Eternal And The Elder Scrolls Online Are Coming To Xbox Series X And PS5

Looks like some winning news here. The Elder Scrolls Online and DOOM Eternal are coming to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5!

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anonymousfan44d ago

Are we really gonna make an article every time a big AAA gets to be ported to the PS5 an XSX?!? They are backwards compatible consoles. It would be newsworthy if any AAA was not compatible with next gen!

ocelot0744d ago

It's nice to know these games will be getting a PS5/XSX update. Plus the PS4/XB1 versions will be converted to PS5/XSX version for free. It's not about BC. Other than them saying they are working hard for the PS4/XB1 versions to work on PS5/XSX via BC for launch day.

anonymousfan44d ago

I hear ya but after the underwhelming announcement of GTAV at the PS5 event I have zero interest in playing old games even "enhanced" when I get a PS5.

I think backwards compatibility is neat but not something I intend to use. If I wanted to play enhanced versions of TESO or Doom I would have played them on PC. Don't expect them to go above and beyond for a free next gen patch. When I get a next gen console I want next gen games.

Garethvk44d ago

Considering they will likely be enhanced and considering that Bethesda thought it was important enough news to announce and feature at Quakecon I would say there is interest.

porkChop44d ago

Both games make sense. You want to keep your MMO alive so you bring it with you to the next gen. DOOM Eternal has a lot of eye candy left that the PS4 and XBO weren't able to tap into, so port the full PC version to the new systems.

Garethvk44d ago

I am curious how much of the long-term plans for DOOM Eternal they will reveal tomorrow at Quakecon.

b163o144d ago

So should I invest in ESO? TBH I've been contemplating on if it's too late to get into this game.

Garethvk44d ago

If you have a good deal of time and patience. They have updated and changed it a great deal since launch but like other games in the genre you will spend a good deal of time travelling and questing.

ocelot0744d ago

Honestly I have not played it in about 3-4 years. But when I did it was pretty fun. Why not buy the base game and see what you think? I have seen it for as little as £3 in the UK

So I assume it's dirt cheap world wide these days.

Christopher44d ago

Just a heads up, also going to XSX/PS5: Almost every active MMO on current-gen consoles.

porkChop44d ago

Yeah, pretty much. They're not going to let their fanbases die. Smart business.

anonymousfan44d ago

Yup and I bet their "free upgrades" will be pretty basic too... Just the equivalent of PC version with maxed settings running on SSD nothing radically new.

I mean even TESV special edition on PS4/XO was pretty underwhelming and was a lucrative port! Bethesda wont be giving away brand new games just small mediocre patches.

Christopher43d ago

I wouldn't be too pessimistic. DCUO went from PS3 to PS4/XBO w/1080p and 60fps output options.

I would expect TESO to be closer to PC in spec w/4k support. They already do more on XBO X than on base and it's noticeable. But, the game itself isn't breaking trends. It is an MMO, after all.

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