Here is what Halo Infinite could have looked like as a Nintendo 64 game

YouTube's 'Hoolopee' has shared a video, showcasing what a Nintendo 64 version of Halo Infinite could have looked like.

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TheEnigma31351d ago

Looks more like PS1 than N64.

nirwanda51d ago

I agree N64 blurred the crap out of every to round everything off the AA.
Honestly though this is genius so funny.

Kavorklestein51d ago

32 bit vs 64 bit.
Blurred isn't the right word for it.
Ps1 games were highly pixelated.
N64 games were slightly less pixelated. That is not "Blur", and Those consoles did not do anti aliasing at the time.

nirwanda51d ago
The N64 was the first console to try to use multipass rendering that's what gave it a blurred look with bilinear filtering

TwinsUltra6451d ago

Not even close to both PS1 and N64, this is NGAGE graphic style.
people seems to forget how really graphics looked back then.

Kavorklestein51d ago

Imagine if a game like that actually came out back in those days. It would have been incredible.

ApocalypseShadow51d ago

I'm going to have to agree with this. Golden eye would have been dethroned if this would have had multiplayer too.

TwinsUltra6451d ago

I see more people try to mimic PS1 and or n64 graphics and every time they fail to deliver, I can make a 100% accurate graphics and 3d models. #FACTS

Minute Man 72151d ago

Fun Fact : the 64 max resolution output is 240p

Father__Merrin51d ago

Looks about right. N64 most games on it had horrid fuzzy visuals

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The story is too old to be commented.