Resident Evil 3 1.05 Update Live On PS4, All In-Game Rewards Unlock Purchasable Now Available

Resident Evil 3 1.05 update is now rolling out on PS4, though outside of unknown bug fixes there is now support for the new purchasable dlc.

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Sonyslave345d ago

Lol I just platinum this game yesterday

GaboonViper44d ago

A massive dissapointment after the brilliant Resi 2 remake, clearly Capcom rushed this out.

unsungzero61244d ago

Let's hope RE4 Remake lives up to expectations

VersusDMC44d ago

It was a 25 to 30 hour platinum for me. But I can understand feeling like it was too short for 60. Thing is I replay most of the resident evil games every year or so. Just replayed 1998 RE2 on my Vita. So I never feel ripped off by a Main RE game. People who haven't checked out the remakes should get the raccoon city edition. It's both games bundled for 60. But I've seen a sale on the bundle already a couple times already so wait for the next sale for an amazingly deal.