Red Dead Online's Newest Update is Too Little Too Late

Dualshockers says, "The new Naturalist role in Red Dead Online brings plenty of wildlife escapades but not much PvE action, which is what I was hoping for."

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potatoseal52d ago

It's pure garbage. Only the hardcores will go and level the 'role' up but they won't enjoy doing it. Rockstar must have known that people were not going to enjoy this, but they went and did it anyway. NO ONE asked for anything like this.

Not to mention the bugs the game stil has. Weird, they finally fixed the 'no animals' bug, but now all of a sudden you can't call your Hunting Wagon... ever. It's almost as if they did it on purpose.

anast51d ago

I wanted them to fix the 0x2 and 0x4 server errors. I haven't been able to play for months because of this. But instead they added more stuff without fixing these game breaking bugs.

ziggurcat51d ago

They still haven't implemented a passive mode, have they? That's the only way I will ever touch the MP in RDR2.

BillyG0AT51d ago

They should've just focused their efforts on story DLC. A RDR 2 Undead Nightmare DLC would have been epic.

Bigman4k51d ago

Them days of R* doing single player dlc for their games are long gone