Sony Give No Comment to Killzone 2 Date

GOONL!NE: "You gotta love Sony sometimes, their straight forward no nonsense talk may get them somewhere someday. However, when we spoke to them about a certain date, we didn't love them.

GOONL!NE got in touch with Sony to confirm if Killzone 2 would indeed be given a February 20th date like we mentioned on Friday but all we got was a "No Comment", joy."

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TheColbertinator4239d ago

Remember that Gamepot mentioned the date not Sony.Guerrilla has not yet officially given a release date

pp4239d ago

Doesn't look good,Doesn't look good could just mean 2 things.

1.Its been canceled
2.They are making a xbox360 version and both will come out the same time

Johnny Cullen4239d ago

You truly are retarded if you think that for one sec.

Angelitos4239d ago

Poor Xbot pp

Poor Xbot pp, he wants to play Killzone 2, but he knows the game is soo powerfull, that if they try running Killzone 2 on the fixme dvd player, the fixme dvd player will just explode.

Poor Xbot pp

Kamikaze1354239d ago

Games don't get canceled in the middle of a blooming beta and the company making this game is a 1st party studio. So no Killzone 2 for you =P

Aclay4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )


You are the most ridiculous person here on N4G. Sometimes I wonder if you even have a brain.

Why would Sony cancel a nearly completed game?

Killzone 2 is published by Sony and it's developed by a studio OWNED by Sony. You can only dream about playing such greatness on your "Xbox 360 Elite". If you want Killzone 2 that bad, just by a PS3, you know you want it.

I hope you enjoy more of the repetitive gameplay in GTA4 DLC in February, because I'll be playing yet another PS3 exclusive, Killzone 2.

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Aclay4239d ago

Killzone 2 is coming out in February regardless and as long as it comes out sometime in February, I'm happy.

Neither Sony or Guerrilla themselves ever confirmed a specific date for February though, so I'm not surprised to hear Sony say this.

Sometimes I think that Sony's "No Comment" on Killzone 2's date for release in February is just confirmation of it. I guess Sony wants PS3 owners to focus on the games that are already out now and then after the holidays are over they'll probably confirm a specific date for February.

Kyur4ThePain4239d ago

KZ2 in December?

Guess I can dream.

Pennywise4239d ago

You guys are like gasoline on a fire. Ignore him.