Microsoft cuts xCloud iOS testing early as its future on Apple devices remains unclear

Microsoft has ended its xCloud game streaming test for iOS devices today. The software giant had been testing xCloud on iOS in a very limited way over the past few months, but made it clear the service would only be launching on Android earlier this week. Microsoft had informed xCloud testers that the preview would end on September 11th, but only the Android preview will continue until next month.

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darthv7243d ago

Apple has a tendency to cut off previous devices with each new iteration of ios. So maybe MS is waiting to see when the next release is coming so they will know which devices would be supported?

--Onilink--43d ago

It seems to be related to Apple’s policies to streaming applications. Its not the first one to encounter problems

RazzerRedux43d ago

Apple doesn't want any other game company in their personal playground. This is why I dumped iPhone for Android.

caddytrek43d ago

Why would you think apple has anything to do with this? They allowed the beta test after all.

RazzerRedux43d ago

Stadia, Geforce Now, xCloud have no problem working with Android. Read the article, dude.

"Microsoft hasn’t revealed which Apple policies are preventing xCloud from launching on iOS, but Google’s Stadia game streaming service is also not available on iPhones or iPads."

Tacoboto43d ago

The beta test was a joke on iOS. One game, and no console remote play, because of Apple's restrictions even during the darn TestFlight period.

These companies should group together and challenge Apple's specific policies publicly.

crazyCoconuts43d ago

They are very protective. As an aside, it's crazy to me the way my kids say non-Apple devices are viewed in their schools. Kids are teased of they don't have iPhones, and my kids go to public schools! It's the defacto standard. I can't believe the lock Apple has on the youth, at least in our area. I'm the only Android user in our household and they all tease me too lol

RamRod8843d ago

I know what you mean. My gf won't consider getting Anything besides Apple because she is so sucked into the ecosystem with her IPhone and Mac. She even acknowledges the issues Apple has, but doesn't seem to care.

Sophisticated_Chap43d ago

The teachers are the ones that get the kids started on Apple products for some reason. Schools in my area buy Macs for the computer rooms, probably at double the cost of a PC, for absolutely no good reason.

gamer780443d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I love android's openness, but unfortunately comes at a cost, their stuff just doesn't work as well. They are a huge pain to get Samsung galaxy LTE watches to work well when combined with android phones, they also don't work nearly as well with gopro's just to name a few. Going back to apple was a piece of cake after the issues with android watches. I hate how you have to void your warranty and root some phones just to permanently remove junk(depending on the brand). Android's make a good tablet, which is where I'll play my xcloud (bigger screen anyways), but when stuff just needs to work out and about, apple is hands down the way to go in my experience.

RazzerRedux42d ago

I used iPhone for many many years. I agree iPhone works better overall. It is more refined and less clunky when compared to Android. Same for Apple watch. I had Apple Watch 5 and then switched to Android and got the Active Watch 2. Apple Watch is better. No doubt in my mind. So yes, there is indeed a cost for the freedom to be able to do what you want on your device. I choose to accept that cost, but the freedom I gain in little things like being able to choose a different default browser make it worth it. So there is a cost either way.

gamer780442d ago

@Razzer hey we agree :). I really like my android tablet, customized it with microsoft launcher (with custom icons) and works great for consumption, the xcloud beta works really well, although I've mainly only used wifi as the cell reception outside near my office isn't the greatest. I need to try it at home and see now that I have unlimited data.

RamRod8843d ago

This is one of the reasons I don't care much for the Apple ecosystems. Too closed off and limiting in choice.

42d ago
TheRealTedCruz43d ago

Want nothing to do with Apple.
I'll always stick with Android, until something even better comes around.

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