Street Fighter V Reveals Akira Kazama from Rival Schools, Rose, Dan, & Oro as DLC Characters

Today, during a "Summer Update" livestream, Capcom revealed four new characters that will come to Street Fighter V: Champions Edition.

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caddytrek45d ago

That's an interesting list of characters.

bouzebbal45d ago

Yes game has been getting amazing support since reveal. The release was a bit chaotic with many modes missing.

TheColbertinator45d ago

Not coming back to SFV until Crimson Viper is playable

xTonyMontana45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Yeah it's strange, all the other characters were chosen as they were highly requested yet Viper was just as requested if not more so than Oro. Definitely feels like a huge loss, same with no Makoto but that's the problem with games like SF, everyone wants to see returning characters yet they can only have so many.

VTKC45d ago

Could they still appear? Or is this the last set of DLC?

xTonyMontana45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

In the stream Kenny Omega mentioned it was the last season. This season wasn't supposed to even happen either but after how well Champion's Edition did, Capcom gave it the okay. There may be further DLC though, unless they have a new fighting game due out in 2022, they will likely do more Capcom Cup bundles but the mystery character unveiling at Capcom Cup next year will likely be the last.

Vandamme2145d ago

My favorite fighting game of this generation. It’s really cool, they still adding new characters to it.

Lexreborn245d ago

I am hype to get a revamped ORO, loved him 3rd strike and SFV did AMAZING work with each character making them feel unique and great tools.

Father__Merrin45d ago

SFV was one of the most disappointing titles I've played.

Om4ever45d ago

Could you elaborate ? Why ?

blackblades45d ago

He dont know why, probably just suck at the game.

Petebloodyonion45d ago

How about changing how your performs signatures move for old favorites characters like Chun-li and Vega :).
Would you love it if they changed Ryu to a charge guy like Guile?

Lexreborn244d ago


Chun-li and Vega are still charge characters and always have been.

garos8244d ago

i would agree with you at launch but not anymore

Father__Merrin44d ago

I skipped it on launch for obvious reasons I know it's improved but it's not a big upgrade over sf4 might install it again soon to check for improvements.

garos8244d ago

its much more playable now, thats for sure, and the content is rather intimidating. will see you in the streets warrior!

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The story is too old to be commented.