343 Industries Collaborates with Sperasoft on Halo Infinite Development

Game studio Sperasoft has announced that it will be collaborating with 343 Industries and Xbox game Studios to developer upcoming video game Halo Infinite.

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IRetrouk1390d ago

Isnt 343 already using contractors anyway?
Why is this being anounced so close to launch?
Is it for future dlc etc?

RamRod881390d ago

The contractors are there to help with finishing the game before launch. I imagine Sperasoft will help with post launch content like how Splash Damage helped with past Halo games.

IRetrouk1390d ago

I guessed as much, just seems odd to announce it is all, so close to launch too.

crazyCoconuts1390d ago

So close to launch is hard not to read as a negative. Along with the demo we saw I'm afraid the team might be in death march mode

The Wood1389d ago

I guess crunching is OK now right. . . . RIGHT. . . . . . .lol

Wrex3691389d ago

I'm excited for Halo for real but it is odd as hell to announce this. Maybe they got the feedback and realized they needed to up their team size to compensate for the new load. Hopefully they can get some more Series X/PC textures worked into the game because of this.

3-4-51389d ago

Hopefully they are focusing on making 4x4 Team Slayer maps or just on one thing.

CaptainHenry9161389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Unfortunately I see some bad reviews incoming. Hopefully I'm wrong

morganfell1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

This was announced July of last year...so it isn't necessarily about jumping in at the end and attempting to fix something which is good news for the game.



From the article: "Sperasoft will take care of the motion capture and participate in the realization of the levels.

Indeed we can observe in the section “Career“, the studio is looking for a Level Artist as well as a Lighting Artist. Two key positions in the realization of levels and atmosphere."

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Sciurus_vulgaris1390d ago

One of the contractors, Skybox Labs is was brought on largely for forge.

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TheColbertinator1389d ago

Contractors are used in nearly every single AAA game to assist with development issues towards the launch or porting the game to several other systems for quality assurance.

Call of Duty, FIFA, GTA and several other big games require contractor services before and after launch.

Magog1390d ago

"You can't polish a turd, Beavis" - Butthead 1994

Futureshark1390d ago

But you can roll it in glitter!

Rude-ro1389d ago

“Howdy ho. You all smell a lot like flowers”
Mr. Hankey

aaronaton1390d ago

What do you think will look more polished at launch, Bugsnax or Halo:Infinite?

caddytrek1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )


Stanjara1390d ago

Bugsnax baby, Masterpiceaaaaa c'mon!

outsider16241390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Lmao... come on now...are you comparing a AAA flagship title running on a system with the powah of teh 12 Tflops against a new looking indie game? Really.?

Bugsnax is insulted.

jairusmonillas1389d ago

From the looks of Halo Infinite it doesn't even look AAA. More like AA just like the bunch of gamepass fillers.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

I'm still wondering why some people are obsessed with Bugsnax. It's a child's game. As for your question, I'm going with Bugsnax. Halo is less than 4 months from release. and all signs point towards a clogged toilet filled with brown goodness.

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moriarty18891390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

extra help was needed to make sure Craig is handled with the utmost care going forward. He is very important to MS now and Xbox would not be the same without him. All jokes aside, maybe the fallout after the reveal and the criticisms made 343 realize they needed more help to make sure this game gets done on time for launch.

Bathyj1389d ago

I bet Craig gets an upgrade and not much else.

NVMGaiden1389d ago

From what I saw the trailer they released after had better textures and they announced raytracing. Also keeping in mind we only saw a verticle slice. I'll never be a Halo person but it's clear much more is to be seen.

Bathyj1389d ago

Announcing raytracing sounds so weak dude. This game is screaming rushed to market just so Xbox had something to launch with. It should be delayed.

When you look at how games like God of war, tsushima, last of us looked 2 years out from launch there's no way the flagship title of the world's most powerful console should look worse than them. And it does. It looks worse than last gen games. It looks worse than Killzone which was a launch game on PS4.

This close to launch the game should be all but finished and going through final polish and bug testing. It looks like they have their work cut out for them.

DJStotty1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


Wasn't the demo/trailer running on a PC? So chances are the PC could have caused the texture issues, which is why when you look at the 4K trailer today it looks so much better.


Bathyj1389d ago

It's the exact same trailer running on PC it's just the 4K direct feed version not a crappy stream. All the pop in, pop out, disappearing textures, flat textures, bad lighting, bad animation, missing effects and the rest of it is still there it just looks a bit better cos it's in 4K. You can't defend this man it's severely unpolished and unfinished and shouldn't have been shown in this state. 1 gun has a muzzle flash yet no light is reflecting off the gun and another gun has no muzzle flash and yet there is light reflecting off the gun. What is that?

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