PlayStation 5 Black DualSense Controllers Leaked Online

Several photos of the DualSense controller were recently leaked online and one of those is the black version.

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RaidenBlack45d ago

The Black version will come with white buttons? Just ... why?
Why can't it be all murdered out?
Wait ... how's the black console gonna look? 😦

potatoseal44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

No. This is just a white controller with the white plates changed to black plates. IMO

If/when they manufacture a black one, you better believe it will have black buttons.

RaidenBlack44d ago

I don't get the downvotes.
Are people really digging a black dual-sense with white face buttons??

morganfell44d ago

This seems to be more of a prototype than a retail version.

VenomUK44d ago

It’s premature to say this is a ‘leak’ as we don’t yet know if this is an official product.

umair_s5144d ago

People on this site will down vote any comment that puts PlayStation in bad light. I have reason to believe this is paid marketing.

S2Killinit44d ago

People down vote because you are jumping to conclusions about the console based on “leaks” of the controller which are more than likely not real official product pictures. But I didnt think this had to be explained.

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RazzerRedux44d ago

This looks flat out fake to me.

porkChop44d ago

From what I understand it's probably a prototype they used for FCC filings.

gamer780444d ago

I def want a black controller, I can't stop seeing black sphaghetti strap tank top... the b&w one can be the kids controller :-p

1Victor44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Assuming you are a gamer you should know
It is what it is and later there’s going to be different colors and patterns

ChristopherJack44d ago

Looks more like a leotard to me.

StormSnooper44d ago

Aren’t you a big time Xbox only fan?

gamer780444d ago

@storm I have all of the consoles. My favorite ecosystem is Xbox, but they all have their strengths.

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dumahim44d ago

It's not ideal, but to me it's more acceptable than the black touchpad on the white DS4 controller.

MajorLazer44d ago

Yeah the white buttons ruined it. Black buttons with coloured symbols, please.

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darthv7245d ago

Can't wait to start collecting the various themed and color alternatives.

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BoneMagnus44d ago

That would be a cool, albeit expensive, collection.

darthv7244d ago

It's not as pricey as you may think. I tend to try and keep the ones I buy under the $40 mark. Im up to 17 DS4 variants with the most $ ones being the 500 million and 20th anniversary editions. those were close to $100 ea as i didnt get them on their initial release and had to settle for collectors pricing.

rainslacker43d ago

Would be cool if the controller had easily changed face plates like the rumor floating around the ps5 will have.

Although I imagine that wouldn't apply to the buttons or control sticks/d-pad.

Vits45d ago

They look really odd with those white buttons.

XxSPIDEYxX44d ago

I think white buttons actually look good on a PlayStation controller. Like The Spider-Man PS4 Controller for example.

GoodGuy0945d ago

Oof dem face buttons. They should just go back to the classic black buttons with the pink, green, red, and blue symbols.

mcstorm44d ago

If you scroll down someone has a side by side pic. I think the white ones are placements not the real buttons.

If the one on the left hand picture is what Sony do this looks far better than the white controller. Personally I don't like the white on the ps5 controllers or console think it would look better all back with the ps blue. Never likes the Wiiu in all white compared to the back.

isarai45d ago

Yeeeeaaaaah, you're gonna have to change those face buttons, that would be great.

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