Activision: Call of Duty Microtransactions Revenue 5x Higher Than Last Year's in the Same Quarter

Activision has reported that Call of Duty microtransactions earnings were five times higher compared to the same time last year in the same quarter.

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Christopher46d ago

Wouldn't be because everyone is home all day?

Nitrowolf246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

You aren't wrong
its a bit of being the first console f2p cod experience and the fact that everyone is home. They released at the right time during the right kind of situation for games, even if that situation is a global issue.

ActualWhiteMan46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

No its because they finally found a model that is pro consumer. Free maps and DLC, paid cosmetics and occasional weapons.

Shiro17346d ago

Weapons are all free also. Just cosmetics

excaliburps46d ago

I agree. Modern Warfare is super campy, had dino footstep audio but the actual post-launch support though? Impressive. Gobs of content twice in a season.