Pikmin 3 Deluxe announced for Nintendo Switch: Surprise release date announcement

PIKMIN 3 Deluxe is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, with a surprise release date announcement dropping out of the blue today.

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anonymousfan46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Happy to see this is coming to the Switch but I hope there will be more to Nintendo's holiday lineup

Edit: just watched the trailer and the game looks really dated... The Switch is home to lots of great looking games this one dates back to 2013 and it looks the part. I hope they wont charge full retail for a cheap port like that.

RpgSama46d ago

It's already confirmed to be $60, of course Nintendo will charge you full price for a 7 years old game with barely any new content or updates.

anonymousfan46d ago

Damn... And that's 80 $ here in 🇨🇦. Oh well they can keep their cheap port I would have been interested but I will pass on this one.

Tiqila46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I take a cheap port any day to play this phantastic game again on my switch. Was hoping for this a long time, since I sold my Wii U. I understand that 60$ is too much for some and I highly recommend to those to sell the game after a playthrough for like 50$... This game is so worth playing and sadly many people have missed it because it was Wii U exclusive.

Edit: it really looks dated and I wished that Nintendo would have upgraded the graphics a bit for the switch version. While I'm a bit disappointed by Nintendo, I am still looking forward to playing this gem again.

Agent7545d ago

For that price, it should've been a Pikmin Collection.

Agent7545d ago

Well, you trot off and pay your £50/$60 and then pray for more overpriced Wii U games.

anonymousfan45d ago

You obviously didnt read my full comment...

InklingGirl46d ago

It’s a shame this was a perfect opportunity to release a complete series set but it’s nice to have a Pikmin release.

OtterX46d ago

For sure. $60 sounds fair for the Pikmin 1-3 collection in one bundle, but Pikmin 3 by itself? No. I'll wait for a sale. :\

CrimsonWing6946d ago

See, that would be perfect. I'd gladly pay $60 for a collection, but this just comes off extremely lazy to me.

badz14946d ago

$60 for 3 old games??

Nintendo: ARE YOU CRAZY?

OtterX46d ago

@badz yea, $30 for Pikmin 3 is fine. It has new levels and co-op. $15 for Pikmin 1 and $15 for Pikmin 2. At least that sounds reasonable.

Rachel_Alucard46d ago

Sales? Who do you think this is, Ubisoft?

OtterX46d ago

@Rachel_Alucard so true! I'll be waiting over a year if I wait for an eshop sale!

I'm sure I'll find it physically on sale somewhere though. Most likely, I'll end up getting it on Black Friday when one of our local stores does B2G1 on all new games.

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Tacoboto46d ago

In September 2015, Miyamoto said that Pikmin 4 was very close to completion.

And we get this... By itself... 7 years after its release, not even the full trilogy. That's very disappointing.

execution1746d ago

Wish they'd do something with Golden Sun, F-Zero or even Diddy Kong Racing

Inverno46d ago

and people honestly believe they're going to release a Mario Collection for 60$

execution1746d ago

Even if they did release a collection they'd probably charge full price for every game and the hardcore fanbase would be praising and thanking them

CrimsonWing6946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

a wii U game, huh? Couldn't just make a Pikmin 4?

Well, at least it doesn't take much to wow Nintendo fans. Guess Nintendo has that going for them.

SpeedDemon46d ago

We were told 5 years ago that Pikmin 4 was nearly complete, it still hasnt surfaced.

Chocoburger46d ago

It makes sense to release Pikmin 3 before Pikmin 4 on the Switch, as opposed to releasing them in the opposite order. Now that P3 is coming out soon on Switch, expect the P4 announcement perhaps late this year or early next year?

It would have been better if P1-3 collection were released on Switch and sold for $60 though.

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