Marvel's Avengers Beta: The Final Preview - IGN

Mark Medina of IGN writes, "Marvel’s Avengers seems to be trying a little too hard to please everyone. It’s both a set-piece driven, action-packed, explosive single-player adventure, while also balancing an intrinsically tied cooperative mode with a complex loot system at its core. Its seasoned cast of voice-talent does a tremendous job breathing new life into these familiar characters, and the overall story benefits from it. The combat is mostly fun and flashy, though sometimes a little too frantic. But while some folks may be hungry for a fully fleshed out campaign with interesting characters and varied missions, others may be looking for a looter-shooter- style grind- fest with friends. After playing the beta, I’m currently a bit concerned Marvel’s Avengers may not be able to satisfy either craving."

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rpvenom46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Still on the fence about this game.. though as more and more footage comes out.. looks like it has some potential.. will wait for full review before considering the purchase.

himdeel46d ago

Played the opening gate scene last year at con. The gameplay and controls feel responsive and it's a decent to good looking game. I walked away thinking it's not going to be a great game but might be good and the promise of having a custom Avenger in multiplayer coop sounds promising.

The Avengers name and this being a Marvel thing is going to be both a blessing and curse.

zacfoldor46d ago

Big elephant in the room, suddenly.

TheRealTedCruz46d ago

I really don't think this game is going to be turning heads once released.

Sayai jin46d ago

No, it looks rather lackluster.

Rachel_Alucard46d ago

It's funny how everyone became instantly uninterested in unison at the first reveal and the game ended up being exactly as everyone knew it would. Bland, safe, and filled with modern/awful monetization