Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC

From Xbox: "We’re still in Summer Mode here (though I’m jealous of those of you experiencing it without the heat), which means we have more games, more Perks, and more Quests for you today. Let’s jump in!"

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RamRod88364d ago

Nice additions. As a fan of the Darksider games, I'm excited to play Genesis.

gamer7804364d ago

There are sooooooo many bugs. Like I’ve never seen on a. Game before

RamRod88364d ago

Is the game still buggy? I know it's been out for awhile now.

gamer7804364d ago

Absolutely buggy, they haven’t fixed them

RamRod88364d ago

Damn. Well good to know. I'll keep that in mind when I play it.

gamer7804363d ago

@gamer7804 the graphics in DSG is great, but its so buggy and actually pretty difficult, I'd give it a 5/10 probably. Def worth trying for free, curious to see what others thing, I played in coop.

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iplay1up2364d ago

Keep your excitement up. It scores 8.7 on IGN.

ocelot07364d ago

They gave Mass Effect Andromeda a 8 or something like that and that was a complete mess.

Razmiran364d ago

Its still a pretty good game
And if you are already paying gamepass you dont lose anything by trying

Fantangoooo364d ago

I am looking forward to Darksiders Genesis.. I was so close to buying it.. so glad i didnt.. GAMEPASS ftw.

Christopher363d ago

It's not bad, but not great. It's a bit lazy in some areas but still fun to experience. There are some bugs and platforming elements that obviously could have used some more work.

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lazyboyblue364d ago

Was waiting for man of medan. Nice.

FlavorLav01364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Man of Medan looks cool. I didn’t get around to it yet but I loved Until Dawn, so I’ll have to give this a go soon

TheRealTedCruz364d ago

I just recently sat down and played Until Dawn. Fantastic experience.
I know people said Man of Medan didn't live up to it, but I'm still looking forward to playing it.

crazyCoconuts364d ago

I really enjoyed Until Dawn as well. Have you checked out Detroit Become Human? Similar branching story line, fantastic game and drop dead gorgeous

FlavorLav01363d ago

I need to start Detroit again. Started it with the wifey, she fell off early and I hadn’t made it back. Loved what I played it! Branching storylines make it super intriguing to run through these types a couple times.

nirwanda363d ago

Detroit is great until the end, then gets a bit silly, all of Kara's story's great though.

gamer7804363d ago

Detroit is my favorite PS4 game this gen, loved the story, it took some retries but got everyone to live, fantastic story and graphics.

gamer7804363d ago

same here, thats the one I wanted to try.

Father__Merrin364d ago

How often do games revolve in and out

Fantangoooo364d ago

I have noticed 6 months at the shortest for a few

FinalSpero363d ago

It fully depends on the developer/publisher/licensing.

Many ganes are still in from the very beginning of Game Pass. I believe the shortest amount of time I've seen a game come and go was about 6 months though.

But as shown there are always new games coming in.

Ghostbob364d ago

Darksiders Genesis is good but already compleated it on PS4 the rest are just ok but will try them