Horizon Zero Dawn on PC comfortably outperforms PS4 in this brilliant port

From RPS: "Horizon Zero Dawn stomps onto PC in just two days time, and I’ve been playing an early build of Guerrilla Games’ post-apocalyptic cyber dino-hunting adventure to see how it runs now that it’s left the confines of its console box origins. The results, I’m pleased to say, are excellent. Not only is this the best-looking version of Horizon Zero Dawn, what with its extra graphics settings and ultrawide monitor support, but it’s also the smoothest thanks to its uncapped frame rates."

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Minute Man 721353d ago

How can this be???? Shouldn't the PS4 hold back the graphics??? That's what I keep hearing

Kornholic353d ago

If you are talking about Halo Infinite, Xbox One is bottlenecking Xbox Series X.

353d ago
Minute Man 721352d ago

No Korn, it's horrible assets

b163o1352d ago (Edited 352d ago )



solideagle353d ago

it's not graphics which is held by old device, its design. big difference.

353d ago
Gamingsince1981352d ago

The weirdest thing is , its worse than the ps4 version , it won't even play that well on my 2080 , which is a shame because I couldn't wait to play through it again

Jin_Sakai352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

“How can this be???? Shouldn't the PS4 hold back the graphics??? That's what I keep hearing”

Actually it’s not that great.

Digital Foundry:
“Horizon: Zero Dawn PC An Amazing Game Gets A Disappointing Port”

pitythefool352d ago

Eh well yes, if the game was developed with a gtx 1080ti as the base then it would’ve looked even better, is this really that confusing.

rainslacker352d ago

Hardware doesn't hold back graphics, it holds back game design.

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TheEnigma313353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Ummmmm isn't it supposed to outperform the PS4? Why is this a surprise? It's good it isn't just a lazy port and it's optimized properly.

Rhythmattic353d ago

Seems the investment in GG and the decima engine is a yes

352d ago
LoveSpuds353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

I may have read your article, but decided your title was pure clickbait trash and let that inform my expectation that the article was so poor that you needed to employ cheap tricks to get anyone interested.

How can anyone be surprised by a 3 year old game played on 7 year old hardware being 'outperformed' by an updated game being played on the latest PC.

Whoever wrote this dogs dinner of a title should learn to focus on the positives and would have been better off simply espousing how great the game is rather than taking a side swipe and PlayStation, it just makes them look stupid at being so surprised by the outcome.

ApocalypseShadow353d ago

The point of the article and the title was done for that purpose. To take a swipe.

"Ha ha! A PS4 game plays better on a more powerful rig."

PlayStation gamers look at it and say, "that's nice." Then goes back to playing the amazing Ghost or TLofU2.

The trolling article writers would have failed to stir the pot. When their intent was to do so.

Gamingsince1981352d ago

it actually runs worse on pc , i have no idea what this article is trying to pretend to say, j gave a 2080 gpu with a brand new amd ryzen cpu and I have a hard time hitting anything close to 60 fps

LoveSpuds352d ago (Edited 352d ago )

I am just watching the Digital Foundry review, pretty surprising and disappointing to hear that PC gamers may have to make some concessions to get it running optimally. Still, it is a great game and still worth playing even if it isn't as huge a leap as hoped, I mean, it was flipping beautiful on my PS4 Pro so anything better than this is still a bonus anyway.

rainslacker352d ago

I hear mixed reviews on this myself. Seems like it may be some hardware issue that needs to be resolved. Some say it runs fine, others say it has moderate to severe performance issues. Maybe some reviewers just have higher standards for performance though, or overblow issues that may not be that serious.

jznrpg352d ago

I would really hope any decent PC would play a game better than a 7 year old console with a game that’s been out for years just getting a port now .

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