Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is The Perfect Video Game Snack | Kotaku

Fall Guys is colourful, fun and very wholesome. It's the perfect time for a game like this, and a great break from the monotony of generic battle royales.

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isa_scout51d ago

Tail tag seems to be so inconsistent though. Its supposed to be a chill game, but Imma snap the next time someone grabs my tail from 15 feet away.

potatoseal51d ago

Well I've never seen or experienced anything like that, but someone did grab my tail with half a second to go. He got knocked across half the map by the swinging obstacle things and he miraculously landed on me, grabbed my tail by complete fluke and I haven't been that pissed since the Nioh 2 boss battle of Shibata Katsuie. Half a second

JustTheFax51d ago

Kotaku and polygon are really pushing this game. That's gonna be a no from me!

potatoseal51d ago

You obviously don't own a PS4

JustTheFax50d ago

Naw I sold my pro last year when it became the SJWstation

Deathdeliverer51d ago

My girl came in second place on her first play through. Anyone can win this game. It’s pretty damn fun. Frustrating as hell when your character falls repeatedly because you’re getting run over from a damn stampede, but very fun.