Greedfall Reaches One Million Copies Sold Worldwide

From GameWatcher: "Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Spiders today revealed that colonial RPG Greefall has reached the milestone of one million copies sold worldwide.

Released back in September 2019, Greedfall was warmly received by fans and counted as a success even before selling one million copies worldwide."

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addictedtochaos76d ago

It is still likely their best selling game so far.

VenomUK76d ago

It’s new on PS Now so will try to give this a play before the next-gen games launch.

I believe it mixes historical with fantasy genres and perhaps not enough people got what the game is about.

porkChop76d ago

I'm pretty sure this the one that people were likening to older Bioware games, right? Never played it, but I've been meaning to. I know it had some jank at launch. Have they fixed that, or does it not really matter?

Razmiran76d ago

I'd say it's not that janky but do expect a low budget game
I think it's still great tho, spiders best work so far

Atom66675d ago

There is still some jank, but nothing crazy. Occasionally you'll see something like when Roach would clip ontop of a roof. So not game breaking, and kind of funny. There is something weird with the lighting at random times too. But not a big issue.

Combat is seriously addictive. Spiders really got that right this time. Story is predictable, but fun. Upgrades and classes are well done.

I liked it a lot.

porkChop75d ago

Ah, doesn't sound too bad. Thanks guys. It'll likely be my next purchase.

Atom66675d ago

Indeed. They're getting there. This was their best effort yet. It's been awesome to watch that studio improve so quickly.

I don't know if acquisition would be a good thing, but I'd like to see one of the big guys contract with them for a big budget game to see what they can do with more resources.

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Lore76d ago

This is honestly what The Order 1886 could have been if Sony managed the IP correctly. Story and cast was amazing in The Order but the game world and lore should have been sprawled out into an epic RPG

VenomUK76d ago

@Lore I’m a bit of a fan of the Order 1886 and have never thought of it as an RPG. Hearing your suggestion I think could work great and allow more room for the story and the characters to breathe. SONY!

RazzerRedux76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

No idea how these two games are even comparable. They are entirely different on so many levels. Suggesting one could have somehow morphed into the other is just silly.

averagejoe2675d ago

What? A 3rd person shooter could have been an action rpg?

I think you're confused.

DeBroglio75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Who developed the order? Did Sony the publisher develop The order 1886 or did Ready at dawn the developer develop it? quickly remind me again because i seem to have forgotten.

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Relientk7776d ago

Great game, put a lot of hours into it.

TheRealTedCruz76d ago

One of my favorites of last year.

phoenixwing76d ago

I paid full price when it came out to support the dev for the PS4. I may even double dip on pc. Best spiders game by a country mile

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