Electronic Arts beats estimates for 4Q on PS3 game sales

EA sold $41 million in titles for the PlayStation 3, a highly anticipated gaming console that debuted in November. It sold $29 million in titles for Nintendo Co.'s Wii, and Chairman and CEO Larry Probst emphasized Thursday that EA would increase availability of Wii-friendly games.

EA also sold $400 million in titles for the older PlayStation 2 and $172 million in titles for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 last quarter.

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Boink4906d ago

just think how well they would do if they made some good games...

Syko4906d ago

This is the problem with monopolies they stop giving a S at the end of the day as long as the money rolls in

r10004905d ago

Thats not what some poster on this board think... they just want the 360 to be the only console out there....

gogators4906d ago

Try making a decient Superman or NBA game and then see how much money you can make.