The real reason the PS Vita completely failed

Though big home consoles like the upcoming PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are the talk of the town, handheld gaming has stolen some of the limelight. The Nintendo Switch lets gamers take their AAA games on the go, and many companies are focusing on mobile titles, either to create unique experiences like Pokemon Go or to port older games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to the smartphone.

Because mobile games have saturated the market for the past several years, you might expect the PlayStation Vita, along with the Switch, to corner the handheld market, but reality is often disappointing. Sony's first handheld console, the PlayStation Portable, managed to eke out a decent existence, but the Vita flailed its arms, desperate for attention it would never receive. While some, like Imad Khan of Tom's Guide, believe the console is still worth owning, the Vita has long been considered one of Sony's gaming flops. This raises a few questions about what actually doomed Sony's second stab at handheld gaming. Was it a matter of luck, bad decisions, or evil Illuminati plots? 

Take a quick tour through the past and see where the Vita went wrong.

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xer053d ago

In my opinion the Vita was always a secondary project for Sony... with little commitment - compared to the consoles.
Nintendo puts everything into the Switch... all their best games from nes, snes and wii are on switch. All their exclusives are on that platform.

RaidenBlack52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Vita was directly competing against the 3DS. Switch came 5 years later.
And Wii U launched a year prior to the launch for 3DS.
And Nintendo equally managing both fronts: home console and handheld.
Wii U's demise due to its gamepad, is a different story though.

Sonic-and-Crash52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Vita failed for one and only reason....Nintendo killed it by signing 10 year exclusive deal for Monster Hunter games and there was no canon Monster Hunter game for it ...Also Sony cluessly tried with mediocre appeal games that were not designed for portable consoles (like Uncharted and KIllzone) to attract core fans but failed the rest is just fantasies for articles in game sites

jukins51d ago

it's wasnt a secondary project until Nintendo ds cut its price. Dont know if anyone remembers but the ds wasn't doing so hot and the vita reveal the specs and price was a hit. Psvita sold well ds cut its price and then got its games and thats all she wrote.

mcstorm51d ago

I agree and disagree. Price had part to do with it but it was all down to games. I remember getting excited for the psv and got mnr with it loved the ps4 version but the psv version was poor no mp and imo made the game pointless. UC was a good game but kz and resistance were poor. The same for LBP the MP side was great but sp side sucked as it was very short.

I felt Sony tried to make it a portable ps3 at the time rather than its own console and then the games quickly dried up for it.

The 3ds got all the big names and catered for everyone the psv did not. The psv should of built up what they had done with the psp but instead they went backwords and sideways with the TV addon.

Personality I lived the hardware just the software that let it down.

rainslacker51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I think it was meant to be heavily supplimental to the PS4. It's entire design seemed based around the features of the PS4. It also stood well on it's own from a design level.

I think Sony ended up dropping it because it failed to catch on, mostly due to lack of support of more bigger games that could drive the system sales. After a runaway success of the PS4, they probably just saw it as something now worth making games for, or trying to hard to get it to sell.

Shame, because it was, and maybe still is, the best portable ever released.

Personally, while I'm disappointed that Sony gave up on it, I can't say I was disappointed in my overall game time with it. I like Japanese games, and the Vita had the kind I like in spades.

HannibalLecter52d ago

The big shot in the foot for PSVita was the proprietary memory cards.
If we were able to use regular memory cards the vita would have done a lot better that and first party game support after the initial release.

Fist4achin52d ago

The memory cards and the direct competition of the 3ds dropped in price. 3ds had Pokemon games which attracted the kids. Kids move hardware because when one kid on the block gets one, the rest will soon have one as well.

TheEnigma31352d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Easy answer. Smart phones. The storage was expensive and played a part also.

Kados52d ago

Bad battery life
Overpriced proprietary memory cards
No TV out
New model that removed the OLED panel, too early in its life cycle, forcing lots of people to buy used 1st gen units.
Most importantly - Lack of first party game support.

Melankolis51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

The battery wasn't bad at all and being a portable, it had no obligation to have a TV out. Removing OLED panel also to cut production cost i heard, the slim version not only slimmer but also cheaper.

Kados51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

3 hour battery life vs 5 on the PSP (i get 11 hours on my PSP 3000 with an after market battery) and 5 on the 3DS.

The PSP 3000 also had a tv out. Going from having it on the PSP, to not having it on the Vita, was a buzzkill for lots of people.

Their reasoning for removing the OLED panel, or the fact that it made it slimmer, and less expensive, is irrelivant to the point. The fact is they switched to a noticeably inferior display and most people were peeved about it. I originally was planning on getting a new Vita, ended up buying a used 1st gen instead. A couple of my friends did the same. I am sure tons of other people did also.

rainslacker51d ago

I always got 5-6 hours of battery life out of my play sessions. Even today, so not sure where you got the bad battery life from.

1st party support was pretty good the first couple years, and Sony did work to have a few good 3rd party offerings of big games. But, overall, it wasn't as much as was needed. but it wasn't as bad as, "Vita has no games" which people liked to parrot back then.

No TV out I doubt that many people cared about, nor did people buying it later care about the removal of the OLED screen.

I will agree on the memory cards though.

Elda52d ago

Sony stop supporting the Vita with first party titles in 2015,3 years into its lifecycle.

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