The Last of Us Part 2's Museum Level Took Two Years to Make

Just a snapshot of the work that went into the game.

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Hellcat202045d ago

That whole section was absolutely amazing and much needed at that point in the game.
Ellie and Joel in that space capsule was a beautiful moment.

Duke1944d ago

Lol at your downvotes. How dare you enjoy part of a game

ClayRules201244d ago

Lol, right. The reason why some downvote others, especially for enjoying a part of the game, like you mentioned really is just silly. Oh the minds of some people, I just don’t get it. Even if I hadn’t enjoyed the game, I’d be happy they did. That’s a win for them and money well spent!

UniqueGuy9144d ago

Even the haters must have enjoyed that level. I don't have any idea why the downvotes were for.

goldwyncq44d ago

Loved the museum segment but it should’ve ended in that space capsule. Easily one of the best parts of the game.

-Foxtrot45d ago

Literally one of the few parts of the entire game that felt like a sequel.

Best part of the game

Marcello45d ago

Yea Ellie & Joel on the road again which is what 99% wanted, instead we got a story & plot i absolutely hated.

-Foxtrot45d ago

Yeah it sucks

The whole level just felt like I was continuing with the first game

The characters were there, the chemistry, the pacing, the overall flow, it was just really nice and well done.

Now imagine if Joel didn't die until the very, very end and you had him on your journey along with these flashbacks, it would have made his death a lot better.

JEECE44d ago

As much as I disagree with both of you, I at least have to give props for admitting that what you wanted was "continuing with the first game." The thing is, the first game was perfect to me. If they would have just tried to extend it with another similar story, there's no way it could have matched up. I'd have preferred no sequel at all to one that merely served as an extension of the first game.

I fail to see how Joel's death would be more powerful storywise at the end. By killing him at the beginning, the player absolutely hates Abby and wants to kill her as much as Ellie does. It's one of the only times in games I've genuinely felt the same emotion and motivations my character was feeling.

Sure, if he'd died at the end it could have been in a different context, but the whole "parent or parent-like figure sacrificing themselves to save the kid near the end of a story" is pretty played out.

F0XH0UND92244d ago

I loved the museum sequence and it was a nice change of pace from the violence and mayhem. Having said that, it's not anywhere near even the top 10 best moments of the game imo. I know you, and others, have made it clear your dissatisfaction of the game but I just can't understand why.

Most people that don't like the game are upset that it tried to tell a new story. The game had a lot of alignment with the previous game but also a lot of newness. Characters change and stories change and that's what they did with part 2, as well as countless other games. Part 2 told a dark, powerful, and duality filled story that will be remembered for a long time within the gaming community. You have every right to not have enjoyed it, but I feel the game is getting more negativity that it deserves and people are not liking it for silly reasons. Again, you're entitled to your opinion but (imo) this game doesn't deserve anything less than a 9 by any means.

-Foxtrot44d ago

You don't understand why?

I mean we've said a dozen or so times but no matter how many posts people make explaining it you guys either shrug it off, you think it boils down to "BU BU BUT JOEL DIED" or it's just "sexist/transphobic" people

So...what's the point arguing especially on here

It's sad because you can have more of a discussion about this anywhere else BUT here.

Oh...and in no way does this game deserve a 9

7 out of 10

Gamist2dot044d ago

From my experience, my first play through, it was Joel and Ellie adventure mindset. Once completed, I felt divided with the story line and experience and would have given the game an 8 out of 10 rating. Playing it again on NG+ for the Platinum trophy and with an unbiased mindset, I'm looking at giving the game a 9+ now because I'm starting to see what I overlooked on my first play through. Also, the attention to detail in the game is astounding.

RazzerRedux44d ago

", you think it boils down to "BU BU BUT JOEL DIED"

When the "best part of the game" to you reverts back to TLOU 1.5 then that makes it pretty clear.

Si-Fly44d ago

Well I actually preferred it to the first game, I deffo feel like the odd one out with that view point!! Absolutely loved playing Abby too 🤷🏼‍♀️

Chexs199044d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Honestly, the game is fine.
I don't think it's amazing, but I loved the first one.

My primary issues in summation (without explicit details):
- Script is weaker than the first (weaker, not weak). There is also teleporting characters which isn't explained at all.
- Character consistency kinda jumps around, to push the plot in specific directions.
- Ellie is still awesome, and revenge being blinding is fine. However, she doesn't think, AT ALL.
- Abby is fine as a character, but kinda bland. Her part is a good idea, but it bloats out the story with way too much needless padding.
- Side characters are expendable, and not too interesting. They range from just being douches, to straight up 1-dimensional stereotypes.
- Ending is a personal game breaker for me. Didn't hit home, and left me feeling like nothing in the game essentially mattered. It also wasn't convincing in lieu of what came before it.

Solid 6/10 for me, since it does have some amazing scenes as well :)

MTVBG44d ago (Edited 44d ago )


"", you think it boils down to "BU BU BUT JOEL DIED"

When the "best part of the game" to you reverts back to TLOU 1.5 then that makes it pretty clear."

That someone's favourite part of the game was the Joel/Ellie museum part - the part of the game that is pretty much the favourite of most people and the part of the game most of the development team are most proud of - does not mean that their criticism can be boiled down to BU BU BUT JOEL DIED.

That's clearly-dropped-repeatedly-as- a-baby logic.

Yours sincerely,
TLOU2 fan who thought the museum sequence was kinda sweet but also a drag

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bouzebbal44d ago

Yes, proves that Joel is tlou and tlou is Joel. Game is broken everywhere else, story never unfolds

seanpitt2344d ago

Enough with this game man... I hated the direction and story with a passion because I was so passionate about the first game, it meant so much to me the journey I had with these 2 amazing characters in the first game just to see them get butchered and Broken in the sequel was totally pointless.

bouzebbal44d ago


I can't, when an article states they spent 2years making a small part of the game and not focusing on the most important.. I need to react to it out of frustration!!

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itsfunkky44d ago

love it or hate it, you gotta respect the artists/developers work.. i mean.. that attention to detail kept me through the game.

JEECE44d ago

Exactly. A lot of people are like, "the story made me mad, it's a 7 out of 10 at best," without any consideration at all of the gameplay or the meticulous attention to detail of the game world. If this had just been a new game with a generic story but set in that environment, these people would have given it higher scores based on those things alone. It's just that because it's ND everyone takes that high level of quality for granted.

Chexs199044d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Isn't that exactly why a lot of people give it a 7/10 though?
Because it's beautifully designed?
The gameplay is fun but nothing they haven't done since Uncharted.

But tbh I'm one of those people who is more concerned with story and gameplay.
I have a creative background myself, so I do love, and respect, the level of detail and the overall aesthetic of games though, but I would never score a game high, just because of it.

JEECE44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Uhhh the human enemy AI is definitely a lot better than anything they did in Uncharted, or the first TLOU (and yes I know it still has its quirks like the AI in any game, but I'm speaking relatively). Not to mention it's about the most customizable gameplay I've ever seen in a console game (obviously this is an area where console games typically fall short of PC).

If someone else put together this package but with a generic story, the "I'm so mad at ND crowd" would be giving it 8.5s.

Edit: I just saw that you said it was a 6, which basically proves my point. I bet you've rated generic action games higher, simply because you don't go in with Naughty Dog expectations. And even if you aren't guilty of inconsistency on this point, plenty of people are.

Chexs199043d ago

I was talking mostly about the pure gameplay aspect.The AI is really good (with some quirks like you mentioned), and the combat is fun. I do feel that the gameplay outside of combat needed some tuning though, as it tends to drag on for imo.

The core layout of the game design is base - eliminate target - base - eliminate target.
It's not at bad setup, but throw in the longer flashback sequences, and the pacing of that design philosophy gets thrown off rythm.

Honestly, it would probably be a solid 7 for me if I'm being completely honest but that ending man. It just dragged me out of the whole damn thing. It was so unbelievably wishfulfilling in a game that spends all it's time being borderline depressing, setting up a canis canem edit premise.

And yes, I have rated some generic action games higher. But I settle my ratings (and expectations) in accordance with what a game tries to be, and do.
Obviously there is some bias towards certain genres, i.e. i dont really like racing games.
In this case the first game would be the marker for the quality of the game imo.

AnnaDea44d ago

Game of the year game of the year game of the year!

TeamIcoFan44d ago

Not too loud, you'll upset the small minority who hate this game for some reason...

ajax1743d ago

I think it has more to do with the year not even being over. I mean Cyberpunk is gonna be a tough contender to beat

Chexs199041d ago

What about the big chunk of people who just find it to be okay?

franwex44d ago

It’s the section that I found the most needless. Lol!
To each their own I guess-though I do acknowledge the great detail they put in. Looking forward to (hopefully) a part 3.

TeamIcoFan44d ago

Nope, that's not allowed.
Haven't ya heard pal? ND is dead and TLOU2 is trash; anyone who enjoys it is a brainwashed sheep and should be ashamed of themselves!

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