Halo On The Playstation 2? It Was More Likely Than You Think

Since Sony was one of the biggest players in the console race at the time Bungie planned for Halo to be ported to the Playstation 2.

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franwex203d ago

Not sure if Halo would’ve had the same impact if Rockstar would’ve gone ahead and published it. Oni (the game from Bungie that Rockstar actually DID publish) kinda disappeared off never to be heard of again (like all things Rockstar that are not GTAV). Microsoft helped Bungie make Halo the franchise it is today.
But hey, who knows what it could’ve been!

Dan50202d ago

That would have looked terrible I bet!

Imortus_san201d ago

I remember seeing 3º person videos of Halo before MS bought Bungie.