You Should Never Buy A New Console At Launch

Rocket Chainsaw: The worst time to buy in to a new console is always at launch and so you should never buy a new console at launch.

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Xavi4K44d ago

well I'm going to preorder both consoles as soon as preorders are up...the warranty is there for a reason.

FullmetalRoyale43d ago

Agreed. Always keep your paperwork in order.

darthv7243d ago

Im isually pretty patient when it comes to launch systems. This gen I waited 3 years before getting both but Im itching to try the next gen systems, games and controllers. Im prob going to break my own rule this time around and preorder.

bouzebbal42d ago

Only 2 consoles I bought at launch are ps3 and PS4. I'm planning to do the same with PS5.. I'm a big Nintendo fan buy I always wait a few months before I pick the console.. They always release them in small quantities on purpose to create demand. I'm not fan of that.
With Nintendo I always wait to pick up the console with zelda bundle, collector edition. I have nds wiiu 3ds zelda editions.

kparks42d ago

Agreed. I have a launch PS4 and it still runs great. And the 1st price drop is usually around what 2 years or so.. I'd say buy immediately or wait a couple years for the hardware revisions and price drop. All depends on the person I'm going day 1 myself lol

Bigman4k43d ago

Thats if you can because preorders gonna go fast

anonymousfan43d ago

If I cant pre order I will built a PC instead. No way I am paying a premium buying a next gen system from a scalper.

darthv7243d ago

^^or... you could just be patient and wait for more. Only the truly desperate would go the scalper route. No system is worth going down that road.

DJStotty42d ago

"If I cant pre order I will built a PC instead."

Ok you pay double for the same spec PC then, rather than wait a few months, your prerogative.

kparks42d ago

I think you'll be able to get the system of your choice as long as your there at the correct time, couple days your prolly out of luck. But I'd expect you'd be fine if your there ready to order.

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RevXM43d ago

Agreed. Im excited about the Ps5 and Im getting it preordered if I can.
Its possible that launch units will have some issue or like weakness, but as far as failure rates go I doubdt its going to ever be as bad as the 360 was. that was wild back then most people I knew had replaced theirs like twice, and I read about a guy in an article who was on his 12th 360 or something at one point.

And my 60GB Ps3 ofc Yloded like 3 years after launch and they sent it back to me but they never got it fixed, it worked for like 2 hours. didnt pay a dime for the return and service and they payed me back in full after failing to repair it 3 times and I bought a Ps3 slim and a 360 elite with Gears of war 1&2 lmao.

So... In my book. The worst thing that can happen is:
You either have to play something else for a hot minute while its being shipped around and repaired.

or it dies like a week after warranties and all runs out, but at that point a new console is certainly cheaper than it was at launch, its likely there will be a revised and improved model or perhaps a pro model.
Ps3 got a real downgrade for sure with the slim, but any drastic downgrades usually doesnt happen at least until the platform is litterally being faded out like with PS3 superslim and wii mini.
So yeah I lost Ps2 bc and a couple things, but couldnt be too mad at that point. got all the money back and could afford to get both the current systems lol. Zero regrets.

Profchaos42d ago

Exactly this my launch ps4 had it's HDMI port fail a week prior to the pro launch and eb Games were still offering trade ins for a discount pro console with ps4 trade in regardless of working or not.

Traded my ps4 in which was well out of warranty no questions asked got a cheaper pro.

Will trade my pro in for the ps5 to. With BC I don't need it anymore

rainslacker42d ago

I've had pretty good luck with launch consoles all my life really. While I know that could change, I think some people over-estimate the chances there are going to be problems with the launch consoles. More often than not, it's usually some weird thing that doesn't really effect the operation of the console, fans or controllers being the big thing these past two gens...outside RROD of course. Even the PS2 which some claim was prone to failure was generally pretty solid, and the PS1 had a common issue with the laser needing adjustment, but it still wasn't anywhere close to a majority that suffered that issue.

MightyHealthy42d ago

"And my 60GB Ps3 ofc Yloded like 3 years after launch and they sent it back to me"......

I'm jealous of you. I was in the same boat with the same ps3, but sony didnt try to fix it.
They told me to send it in and they'd send me a ps3 120gig slim for $80 I believe it was.

I wish they tried fixing the fatboy bc I uploaded pictures (remember you could do that for the homescreen! ) on to the hard drive, and like a dumbazz that was the only place I kept those images. I lost the phone I took the pictures on. This was before the cloud and all that fancy stuff.

So to wrap it up, I lost pictures that meant a lot to me. Not to mention the awesome fatboy 60gig!

I've read about ways you could fix the YLoD yourself which through salt in the wound.....

Sorry for the mini book post

dumahim42d ago

"And my 60GB Ps3 ofc Yloded like 3 years after launch and they sent it back to me but they never got it fixed,"

Not sure if it's still being done, but I'd try to track down a company that can reball the solder connections. Mine died while playing Uncharted. I bought a slim to keep going, but sent off the fatboy to get redone. I kept using the slim for the rest of the generation, but at least I still have a working fat.

ActualWhiteMan42d ago

PS4 launch console had a static electricity issue with the touch sensitive buttons for power and eject. Happened to me and a few of my friends. Disc would randomly eject, system would randomly turn off. etc..

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CaptainHenry91643d ago

I'm going to get an extended warranty

rainslacker42d ago

I'm going to try and preorder. But, if I don't get one, I'll just try to get one after launch. Will be disappointing, but I'll survive, and not even think about the time between launch and when I finally get one once I'm actually playing on the console.

NeoGamer23242d ago

This will be the first generation that I don't buy a launch console probably. Nothing to do with the consoles themselves. More about neither console has a compelling launch game. Both highlight launch games are sequels (Halo and Spider-man).

Kind of sad really.

MajorLazer42d ago

X1 and PS4 have shown launch issues aren't really a thing anymore. The RRoD fiasco and, to a lesser extent YLoD taught some valuable lessons to everyone in the industry.

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stuna144d ago

I've never had an issue, and I've brought launch models every generation.

robtion43d ago

Article: "Never buy a console at launch".

Me: Never say never ;)

Seraphim42d ago

PS, fine, PS2, fine, PS3 (did need to be sent in because it wasn't playing movies/cost $0 out of warranty), 360, fine, PS4, fine, NES fine and still kicking [though I did replace the cart reader 10-15 years ago]. So far Switch, fine, Saturn, fine, Genesis fine. All these consoles held out for the life I owned it along with others. My PS3 was still ticking as of a few weeks ago when I finally put it away. Some other consoles are put away and presumably still working as well.

Oddly enough my first Pro crapped out last year and the one I bought to replace it was recently overheating but it happened right on time because the warranty had 1 month left. And I think the Pro has taught Sony a valuable lesson in regards to cooling and hence the large size of the PS5. Will it be perfect and w/o flaws? Probably not but I'm not the least bit concerned unless I get one that's DOA. Obviously MS learned about cooling with the 360 so the Series X should be fine too. Again, perfect w/o flaws? Probably not but any reasonable person shouldn't have a bit of hesitation buying their choice or both launch day, week, month, quarter or year. And lets be real here. Electronics are all going to have a failure rate and sometimes come with a possible-probable issue down the line. Our $500 microwave that we bought just 4 years ago already crapped out. Our last microwave, that probably lasted at least 12 years.

Atom66643d ago

Oh, I've had some rough ones.

Launch day Saturn came DOA for me. Got it exchanged quickly, but the software drought was rough.

Launch day PS2 had to get the disc drive replaced a year in.

Launch 360...well everyone can guess what happened there.

Launch PS3 did get YLOD, but I reflowed it myself a few years later.

Launch PS4 has a bum disc drive. Still have it in the collection, but bought a replacement for it in 2015.

Launch Switch had to get joy con repaired.

I get the point being made, but I've got no regrets. It's always a risk though.

ColdSin43d ago

You are one unlucky person....

Atom66643d ago

Haha, maybe. I left out all of the ones that still work to this day though.

Once we got to the age of consoles going with disks, the mechanics just weren't built to last.

Always buy the warranty!

FirstSonOfKrypton43d ago

Probably the least gentle person ever. Think caveman with a glass sculpture.

Atom66642d ago

I make extra money for my game collection by buying defective systems off ebay and Craigslist to repair and resell. Apparently there are a lot of us cavemen out there.

Failure rates are real. Things like overheating and shoddy components can't be protected against.

I know it's easier to think that its user error, but believe it or not, these things aren't infallible.

Vervain43d ago

Yep, I had a RROD, a dead disc drive on my PlayStation 3 and the cracked hinge on my DS Lite.

I still loved the games I played, but having to replace consoles (warranties only last so long) was frustrating.

R6ex42d ago

Only my X360 had RROD issues (but covered by warranty). The rest of my PS3, PS3 Slim and PS4 were fine. All units (except for PS4) were bought at launch.

georeo43d ago

Nice sharing. I couldn't find a Saturn back in the day just had the controller only lol.

UnSelf43d ago

i couldnt find a playstation and wind up being the only kid in the hood with a saturn

Atom66643d ago

The Saturn hurt me. That was my first big purchase, ever. First time I wasn't going to be the last of my friends whose family could afford the new system.

I landed my first "real" job that year. Technically I wasn't old enough for a work permit, but I got a job cleaning the parking lots and trash from a some of inner city strip malls. $5 an hour under the table.

I was saving for a bmx bike. One day I saw an ad for the brand new "Sega," and I just went for it.

Got home, hooked it up, and it shut down during startup. Over and over. I turned it off and on for hours while in tears sitting on the floor.

The store replaced it without a second thought when I took it back. But I'll never forget the gut punch on that.

I was there again Day 1 for the Dreamcast though!

aquamala43d ago (Edited 43d ago )


Launch PS4 Pro - fabs are loud as a jet engine.

Launch PSVR - HDR doesn’t pass thru HDMI processing unit

Both MAJOR issues fixed in later revisions

sprinterboy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

One thing springs to mind with your list, you don't look after your stuff? Either that or you're one unlucky person?
I've only ever had 1 problem with my launch consoles since my atari days back in the 80s and that was ps3 Blu ray drive (plastering work done in living room) plaster dust got sucked into the drive when I turned it on (the guy did warn me not to turn any electrical stuff on until dust has left the living room whoops)
I've pretty much owned all consoles too.

Atom66642d ago

Not sure what I could do about RRoD, YLOD, or joy con drift. Those were all due to shoddy components.

The Saturn was dead out the box.

Disc drives on PS2 fat weren't the greatest.

No explanation for the PS4 drive. Shit happens?

But still have my N64, GCN, Handhelds, og Xbox, PS1, and maybe a dozen retro systems still working to this day though. Win some lose some...

dumahim42d ago

I've had a pretty good run. Only issues were:
360: Two RROD (maybe three times, can't remember for sure) and one the disc drive fell apart
PS3: YLOD, took it in and they did the heat gun thing. Died a year later. Found a shop that completely reballs the solder connections and fixed for good.
XBO X: HD failed after two weeks.

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Elda43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

God willing I'm buying my PS5 at launch. When it comes to buying consoles at launch I've only had a problem with the launch PS3,lasted 2 years then bought another one lasted 2 years & I had to buy a 3rd one & I still have it today.

no_more_heroes43d ago

I'm budgeting for getting both consoles at launch 🙃

sprinterboy42d ago

My main priority is a high end 4k tv 1st then ps5 and series X year 2 or 3 when there 1st party AAA start rolling out