Call of Duty 2020 Will Have Campaign & Integration With Warzone;Next-Gen Pricing Plans Reveal "Soon"

Activision is hosting its financial conference call for investors and analysts and the publisher talked more in detail about the next Call of Duty.

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roadkillers53d ago

Campaign war zone would be interesting

RosweeSon53d ago

Nice look forward to a free copy in 12-18 months 🤙🏻😑 29335;🏻‍♂️😜✌ 27995;

porkChop53d ago

If they have to announce next gen pricing it's because they're going to charge a premium for the next gen versions.

CobraKai53d ago

Right. It’s Activision. They aren’t gonna let an opportunity like charging more for their games slip by.

zero_jp53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I theorized some months ago that what Activision would do going forward rather than have to build a BR from scratch each and every yearly COD is to instead have a themed War Zone for each and every new release.

So as an example if this years game is say Black Ops related the War Zone would be as well for the next year with Black Ops points of interest, locations, characters, weapons, perks and so on and so fourth.

Just my thinking anyway as that’s what I’d do to keep it fresh. There’s certainly no shortage of ways that they could take it going forward.