PS5 DualSense Controller Will Have Updatable Software

The PS5 DualSense controller will have updatabale firmware according to Sony.

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caddytrek57d ago

That's pretty cool, it seems like it's going to be quite an advanced controller. Maybe they will add updates to the Haptics and things.

excaliburps57d ago

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why PS5 games won't work with DualShock 4 as well? Mind, I know the DualSense has stuff that the DualShock 4 can't do, but this could (could!) be part of it. That said, I'm not that fussed about the PS5 needing its own controller to play its games.

RosweeSon57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Exactly it’s a new controller might look the same (button layouts etc) but underneath there’s much more going on hence it wasn’t dual shock 5 if people really love their DS4 that much stick with PS4. If your buying a PS5 each console comes with one 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 my mates wanna come round and play tho. Well buy a spare controller like you’ve done every other gen or get them to bring theirs. They don’t own one yet tho 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦 🏻‍♂️😑😂 ✌ 🏻😜 that’s life. Not Sony’s fault. It’s easy to make everything BC when your not progressing. 🤓✌🏻

People are just seeing the same button layouts and going ah but it’s the same pad.. it’s not. It’s about as big a change as when they first introduced rumble or pressure sensitive buttons they doing the triggers now and pimping the rumble so I presume for example you could potentially detect which wheel has gone off the track based on which part of the part is rumbling top left bottom right etc. Can’t wait myself.

zeuanimals57d ago

I think the R1 and L1 buttons are analog now. They apparently have some give to them and don't just click in. If the face buttons and D-Pad all follow suit, that could have huge implications for games on the system.

--Onilink--57d ago

The only reason they wont work is commercial, lets not kid ourselves. Not that I blame them either, but no reason to be naive about it. At the end of the day the DualSense features just enhance the experience but it not like a game wont be actually playable if you had to use a ps4 controller

InUrFoxHole57d ago

Damn! You can't use the dual shock 4 with a ps5? Thats lame

bouzebbal56d ago

Hopefully we don't hear about bricked controllers 🤔

wwinterj56d ago

I don't understand why some folk expect PS5 games to work with a DualShock 4 given they both use different controllers.

bouzebbal56d ago

Simply because ps3 works with ps2 controllers, and DS5 and DS4 have same features.. A bit like gamepad for player one ane others holding a wiimote..

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen55d ago

Well the Dual Sense is a "digital controller."

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Sophisticated_Chap57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

The Xbox One controller has had updatable firmware since it launched in 2013, so nothing new here. You can even remap the buttons on the Xbox One controller in the system settings menu.

caddytrek57d ago

Yea know the PS4 also had firmware updates like the change to the light settings and you can also remap the buttons. But nice try.

InUrFoxHole57d ago

You're missing the point of his/her comment.

57d ago
caddytrek57d ago (Edited 57d ago )


Please explain to me what I am missing.

March 20, 2014
Future DualShock 4 update for PlayStation 4 will add option to dim light bar (updated!)

SullysCigar56d ago

Who claimed it's new? The information that DualSense is updatable is new, nobody's claiming DualShock4 didn't do this too, for example.

Gunstar7556d ago

Apparently idiots on here disagree with things that are absolutely true.

MagUk56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

@ Caddytrek what there saying is the Xbox one controller has stand a lone updates for the controller. You can check what version your pad is running ect..

Also you can update the Xbox one controller to the same latency advances as the new series x controller.

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gamer780457d ago

honestly now that I think about it , I never updated my controller on my ds4 like I have on my xbox one or elite controllers, I just assumed both had it. I remember them updating the haptics slightly on the xbox one controller,. then adding a feature that lets 2 people use one controller , stuff like that.

caddytrek57d ago

The xbox one controller doesn't have haptic feedback nor does the SX controller.. And the PS4 originally only had one light setting and the other settings were added later.

It doesn't surprise me that you two are trying to spread misinformation.

gamer780456d ago

@caddytrek. It absolutely has haptic feedback in the triggers, where have you been? The DUalsense just has a different implementation ofnit

caddytrek56d ago

No, your 100% wrong, xbox has rumble it's not the same as Haptic which allows them to simulate specific sensations versus rumble which only has intensity settings.

The same with the triggers xbox has rumble triggers PS4 has force feedback like a steering wheel. So it can simulate the difference between pulling on something soft vs hard, like a puzzle game which has four different strings and you have to select the loose one by feel. Or the common example pulling on a bow string and getting feedback and you pull it farther.

Saijahn56d ago

Haptics are simply stronger rumbles. No software will change what’s physically coming in the controller.

thejigisup56d ago

Smart phones have haptic feedback, there isn't a spinning weight inside of your smart phone is there?

Saijahn56d ago

The Xbox one controller has had haptic feedback since 2013. It’s even more noticeable in the elite controllers. People always speaking on stuff when they clearly haven’t used it. Haptic is just the hot word for rumble variation. Say haptic and slap on another $50 to the price tag

The_Sage56d ago

Do some research, Saijahn. They've openly talked about what haptic feedback is. It has nothing at all to do with rumble.

darthv7256d ago

@both above, yes it's true. you may not agree with the implementation that MS calls "Haptic feedback" but it is what they call it. So stop trying to say it doesnt exist in the xbo controller.


3-4-556d ago

Nintendo Switch joy cons had this too....I think XB1 & PS4 controllers did too.

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Vits57d ago

Why wouldn't it though? Like updating the firmware of controller is rarely necessary, unless there something broken or they are adding support for a new device/feature. But it's not something rare or impressive. Most modern controllers are capable of that. Including really cheap chinese mobile ones.

Christopher57d ago

Firmware updates means improvements to the features. I don't see the issue. I mean, if you don't want to update your controller, go right ahead? But more options should be praised.

The_Hooligan56d ago

It will make the DS more stable with the stability updates lol...I'm sorry I had to do it.

Profchaos57d ago

I guess developers are able to reply custom profiles for games via a firmware.

sprinterboy57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Yeah alittle like the headset companion app with audio custom settings from devs on different games?

VideoChums57d ago

Xbox One controllers have firmware updates. It's cool that PS5 controllers will, too.

darthv7257d ago Show
Sayai jin57d ago

Yup, their controllers have had upgradable software since almost the begininng of the current gen.

Tacoboto57d ago

Nintendo's firmware updates are pretty frequent on the joycons and pro controller. And they've got a stick calibration tool too.

SullysCigar56d ago

PS4s controller is updatable too, so what? Lol you guys are very defensive about this. Nobody's saying it's not been done before!

This is just new information about the new DualSense controller. What will you say next, "omg it has buttons, Atari already did that!!"?

VideoChums56d ago

Are you sure? I can't find any info about the DualShock 4 having firmware updates.

darthv7256d ago

I dont think there have been any fw updates specific to the DS4. There was a system fw update that allowed the intensity of the lightbar to be adjusted but that was done through the console. Sending a signal to the controller to change the color of the lightbar or brightness is done via the console. The controller would have its own software that would need to either be plugged in to the console to update (as i dont think they enabled update over bluetooth)

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Duke1957d ago

Isnt this... pretty common for most peripherals?

Christopher57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

No past DualShock has had it.

Nitrowolf257d ago

this is the first time Sony doing it
A number of things can come out of this
could be simple improvements
or maybe they have profile and tweaking
who knows

zeuanimals57d ago

Custom touchpad gestures for macros, custom gyro settings, etc. specific to one controller would be amazing.

ziggurcat57d ago

First time DS controllers have had FW updates.

franwex57d ago

My xbox controller has updated a couple of times. Don’t remember my PS4 doing it though. They don’t take long.

1Victor57d ago

Even PS3 had firmware update it’s just that Sony didn’t promoted it it they just told you to keep your controller connected to the system while updating remember that dragon game that the motion controller made it almost impossible to play and everyone was up in arms about it
Pepperidge farm remember

blackblades57d ago

Yeah my shield remote and controller get updates. Some updates were to reduce inputs lag or something I don't pay attention to the updates or even update them some times.

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Ruegrong57d ago

Software or firmware update? Software would imply that it may be customizable

crazyCoconuts57d ago

Firmware is just software, and is typically stored in non volitile memory. Anyway, no reason you couldn't customize if that's a feature they wanted to provide. That software would probably be on the console though I would think

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