Apex Legends deserves another chance

GF365: "Apex Legends is considered one of the best takes on the battle royale genre. Respawn’s 2019 battle royale nears the end of its fifth season with innovative gameplay and diverse legends. So if you’ve hesitated to get in the action, here are some reasons why you should give it another look."

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AzubuFrost49d ago

Meh never have and never will play a BR game.

Rocketisleague49d ago

Why is that? Any good reason?

spartan112g48d ago

He probably saw it was popular and got triggered.

InklingGirl49d ago

Love Apex Legends, it’s my daily haunt.

Godmars29049d ago

Thought it was still popular.

LG_Fox_Brazil49d ago

I still play it everyday, it's a blast. The best BR in my opinion, very beginner friendly and hard to master

Deathdeliverer49d ago

I think legends need to come out a LOT faster. I think that is Apex Legends differentiatior. Otherwise it’s just another BR FPS. So when you take your unique element and update it once every season..... so yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if users dropped. I definitely left. Might try it again since I’m a few legends behind.

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