DualSense Controller and PS5 Accessories Shown in Stunning Detail in 360-Degree Images

Nathan Birch of Wccftech writes, "Today Sony provided just that as they updated the official PS5 accessories page with new detailed 360 degree views of DualSense controller, Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, and more."

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Agent_00_Revan48d ago

Look everyone you finally get to see the back of the controller! Now everybody can stop complaining.

medman48d ago

I'm really wondering about the price of the controller and the other peripherals. Oh yeah, would be nice to get console price and release date. I mean, it's getting late........

48d ago
sprinterboy48d ago

You should already have savings over £500 to purchase a ps5.
Launch day gamers already have the money, it's not rocket science to start to put enough money away for a console and 4ktv over the last few years.
I never understand the people who want to know prices as its obvious if you save £600 you'll hvae enough for the console, anything cheaper and it's a bonus.

Bathyj48d ago

So definitely no back buttons then.. that's disappointing

Saigon48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

yeah i assumed there were going to be some as well

oh well...still can't wait

sprinterboy48d ago

They will have the same back button attachment as what the ps4 controller got imo, something simlar at least?

badz14948d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I've expected it to be the case. and they will just make the back button attachment works with the DualSense through a small adapter or something. That's the only logical reason that I can think of for them to release it so late into this generation.

Kurt Russell47d ago

I was hoping it would. I have the adapter on my current PS4 controller, it is incredibly useful for a lot of games that have D-Pad mapped elements like healing.

Bathyj47d ago

The adaptor makes sense. It keeps the cost t of the controller down and you can get extra sales on the adaptor separately

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GoodGuy0948d ago

Hopefully a pro version or back buttons attachment soon.

ThinkThink48d ago

I wonder if the back button was part of the dual sense plan but the controller costs were getting too high. Are these confirmed at 69.99

phoenixwing48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

i'm not sure but i wouldn't be surprised to hear those haptic feedback things costing some extra money

THC CELL48d ago

The best next gen controller and ps5 the most wanted console

MagUk48d ago

Let’s see how good them haptics triggers are first then there’s battery life then the price before we say which controller is the best. And of course it’s got to feel good in your hands.

RgR47d ago


What she said.

Bronxs1548d ago

man i really like that media controller. i wish the ps5 could be really good as a media device too and hopefully replace my apple tv. if the interface is fast and slick and good video quality for youtube and netflix for example that will be great.

darthv7247d ago

It reminds me of something similar to the one I use on my SAD. Its lightweight and compact and it lights up at the mere picking up of the unit.

Knushwood Butt48d ago

Refined Design – Play in style with a sleek headset that perfectly complements the look of the PS5 console and features refined earpads and headband strap for added comfort.

Refined headband strap for added comfort.

Thank you. The rubber slab in the platinum headset digs into my skull after only a short space of time.

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The story is too old to be commented.