Fall Guys Grey Screen Fix Detailed, Mediatonic Asks Players Not to Review Bomb Due to Server Issues

Check out this quick Fall Guys grey screen fix for the bug plaguing PC players. Mediatonic asks gamers not to review bomb game due to servers.

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caddytrek49d ago

Heh PS4 blew up the servers. I was playing when they cut out, really fun game.

excaliburps48d ago

Oh? I didn't experience any yesterday. I do suck at it though. LOL!

Teflon0248d ago

Bought on PC and couldn't play most the day yesterday, but when j did get to play. Had a blast. Got pissed that I was always put on incompetent teams, as they legit had no tails but me, couldn't defend the balls on our side when I brought them so many etc. But it was great either way. Even won the third match

Nitrowolf248d ago

I dont like the team rounds, I'm eliminated tgere more often then not

potatoseal48d ago

I just played for the past hour on PSN and not a single problem