Detroit: Become Human Passes 5 Million Combined Sales

Glad to see the game is doing well on PC as well as Detroit: Become Human has passed 5 million combined platform sales.

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TeamIcoFan910d ago

So, where are all the haters that said this game would flop in sales?

910d ago
moriarty1889910d ago

The haters are ‘hating’ life even more because this game did as well as it did.

Toiletsteak910d ago

Nice! I still need to get this. I'm glad it's finally on Steam.

Garethvk910d ago

It is fun. Lots of options.

ClayRules2012910d ago

I hope you really enjoy it!

One of my personal favorite games of this generation! An emotional gaming & QD’s best game to date “in my opinion”

angh910d ago

around 3.5 mln on ps4, so 1.5 on PC in last 7 months.

Garethvk910d ago

I am sure the company is thrilled. They had their p.r. firm send this out.

Father__Merrin910d ago

Deserves it no pc publisher would ever make a game like this on pc only. David cage games are pretty cool

RazzerRedux910d ago

lol....PC publisher? You've got some weird angst against PC, dude. Just weird.

nowitzki2004910d ago

Its all he thinks about, its sick really.

TitaniumExposed_VIP910d ago

To anyone who felt underwhelmed by Beyond Two Souls, this one is on a complete different league.
Best game in this genre by a long shot imo

ClayRules2012910d ago


While I loved Beyond Two Souls, I was underwhelmed by the (gameplay) interactivity in the game, compared to the likes of Heavy Rain, which was on another level. However I loved the story of Beyond so much. Amazing & unforgettable journey!
Detroit tho, definitely on a completely differently league and “in my opinion” QD’s best game to date, although I can see why some would prefer Heavy Rain more, because that story is still just so darn good and emotional and engaging these 10 years later. But Detroit refines and really pushes everything the studio has learned over the years and perfects it as much as possible and delivers a complete masterpiece!

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