Sony Wants PS5 to Be the Best Place to Play, And It'll Open Its Wallet to Achieve It

Do you feel Sony's being far too aggressive with its approach to timed exclusives and content partnerships? or is it merely attempting to add value to software for future PS5 owners? Do you think there are better ways it could transition players to its next-gen system?

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chrisx46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I trust the PS5 to still be the best place to play, as with it's predecessors. Sony has earned the trust and respect. The signs are clear and positive,and the Ps5 will dominate the gen ahead with great exclusives.

bouzebbal46d ago

With that reveal event I have no doubt!! My money is ready

46d ago
Felix_Argyle_Catbro46d ago

>paid online
>small library
>Unlimited frame rates
>Best versions of games
>Free online
>Largest game library in the world
>Backwards compatibility going back decades
>Ability to tweak the game settings to give you the best experience possible
>Cheapest games
>Free game giveaways every week

franwex46d ago

Some of us simply enjoy gaming on a console. Why is that hard to understand?

NukeDaHippies46d ago

But games don't work, unfortunately.

crazyCoconuts46d ago

PC is great. Definitely not for everyone though. Lots of people need an EZ button. And it's not the cheapest solution either.

northpaws46d ago

Other than better framerate, I can't see ANY of what you listed as true advantages. Largest game library and backward compatibility are point less, I have been gaming for over 30 years, I barely have enough time to finish games released this year, let alone any old games from a few years back or games that I played when I was a kid. One single Ghost of Tsushima justify my purchase of PS4 more than anything PC released in the last couple of years. Keep counting your frame rate, I will enjoy my beautiful exclusive games, be it at 30 fps or not, perfectly playable and offer experiences that I can't get anywhere else other than PlayStation consoles.

Flan46d ago

I don’t want to pay 2000$ to play with hackers

anast46d ago

PC is great, when the games work and I don't have to fiddle with files and so on. I love spending hours "tweeking" game settings, who doesn't?

S2Killinit46d ago

There is so much wrong with what you said. For me, a game like God of War and Horizon more than justified the money I put into PS4.

RosweeSon46d ago

Best versions of the games 3 years after launch 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷 🏻‍♂️😂 some of us don’t want all the fiddly hastle of upgrading this upgrading thst just to get the latest games working. We can buy a box and it works from start to finish of a gen few minor updates along the way (thst do it themselves) and yeah I’ll stick with £350/400 games consoles over £1000 PC’s thst like cars need tinkering or tweaking every 6-12 months. Pass

RememberThe35746d ago

I don't have to worry about drivers, compatibility of hardware, piracy, or cheating. Console gaming has worked fine for me. Would love those PC frame rates though.

46d ago
Father__Merrin46d ago

hi mr felix, im currently running through assassins creed black flag on your PC everytime i go to sea and get into fights with other ships or attack forts it crashes. the only way round seems to be turning AA off altogether it looks horrid why is this if this is the best place to play?

thats just one example of many, dont pretend everything on pc is plain sailing some have issues some dont, just google any game and insert a gpu name with the word issues its non stop people have problems. where on console its simple plug and play.

also as your an expert ive had to uninstal falcon 4.0 i wanted to play the BMS 4.3 mod sometimes it loads sometimes not? if its so easy as you say have you got a fix for me?

MrVux00046d ago

Can you copy-paste that really incorect list few more times?

TitaniumExposed_VIP46d ago

I play on PC and consoles for decades, and while i acknowledge the advantages of PC gaming the console exclusive games are still amongst my all time favorites, there is nothing dedicated on PC in the AAA category that even comes close to some of these blockbusters, and that have been consistent in later generations.

MrVux00046d ago (Edited 46d ago )

>60FPS is also present on consoles, and will be more prevalent next gen
>Paid online is bad, but considering the value people get from PS Plus that cost me sub 30$ per year, and that PC gamers don't mind spending 130$ on Humble Bundle per year, the whole things is a two-edged sword. So i can neither make a bad nor positive point for consoles.
>4000+ games is a small library now...and mind you that library is not filled with shovelware unlike the PC library.

>Unlimited framerates come with unlimited costs
>''Best versions'' which you can barely differentiate (in most cases) from console versions? The graphics gap between consoles and PC, has been getting smaller and smaller, and that will still be true come next gen. And given the costs for those ''best versions'' it is something i would not really boast about.
>As i said, free online is good, i have nothing to add to that.
>Largest game library in the world that is filled with shovelware
>Backwards compatibility is and will play a main part of console gaming, especially come next gen
>As for tweaking and ''best experiance'', re-read the ''best version'' bullet point
>Mods are present on consoles and will likely find bigger foothold on next gen if people show enough interest. Also lets not pretend mods are without issues.
>Emulators in which you play games on consoles settings that may or may not have some improvements in FPS and RES (after years of working on them and fixing the games) on a really hefty PC, and is often asociated with piracy (ROMs)? Yea, might aswell jailbrake a console.
>Cheapest games...what is this pre-2010? Games prices and quite active sales have been near identical across platforms, and that is without mentioning the second hand market.
>Free giveaways that Epic store has been doing for nearly 2 years now, is not something that will last forever and they are doing it for obvious reasons. Plus the quality of *most* of those games is mediocre, might aswell include F2P games that are only available on PC.

Now lets mention things you unsuprisingly left out for consoles:
-Cheaper option overall
-Ease of use/acessibility
-Better optimization for most games
-Better price per performance that will be even bigger come next gen
-Exclusives, that offer the experiances i simply can't find on PC

I could add some personal preference additions, but i think i made the counter-point clear enough. Both platforms have their ups and downs, mentioning only the bad ones for the platform you dont like or prefer, shows only the insecurity for your platform of choice.

PC will always be objectively better and have wider selection of mods and graphical options, but consoles have their advantages and they do their main job more than adequately.

End of the day, the ''best experiance'' or ''best platform'' is a subjective thing.

Gameplayer146d ago

Stay with your PC then and dont bother us!!

HyperMoused46d ago

Why dont the so called master race get this.....console players ...DO NOT CARE about PC players and their master race crap

LM121346d ago

nobody cares bro. cool story tho

Sokol46d ago

You forgot the price point to buy, built and maintaine the PC of that caliber.

Been there for 20 years, done that.
If that's your thing, more power to you. Nothing wrong with that.

However, consoles are cheaper, games have tons of sales every week, game pass is superb and trust me online play is much more enjoyable with minimum to no cheaters and hackers.

The days where PC dominated are long gone. Since 2006-07.

Xx_Pistol_xX46d ago

Let me add to that console list of yours.
>Bigger and more AAA titles built to fully utilize the hardware.
>Don't have to worry about if a game is coming.
>Don't have to wait to play a games year later.
>Way less cheaters and hackers online.
>Unified Store and friend list. No need for 60 store fronts.
>More interest from developers and the gaming industry. How many times do you see PC gaming articles on N4G
>Very easy to setup and play
>Better customer support.

The Wood46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Some pc gamers have some very insecure traits. Maybe the shine consoles get irks them....I dunno but if all is so bliss why bother yourself with console gamers or their games. Weird af

Its like the guy with the ferrari getting pissed the guy with the tesla got the girl.....

SpineSaw46d ago

Bro you left out the best things about gaming on a PC.... The hacking and cheating that the overwhelming majority of PC gamers take part in. Why would leave that out its such a huge part of PC gaming?

fastNslowww46d ago

PC has zero quality exclusives and all they rely on is console multiplats. So go f yourself.

yomfweeee46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

What about hardware price? Show me a PC that costs $400 that will last 7 years. In that 7th year some of the most beautiful games ever can work on it smoothly.

Because that's what Sony can do.

Good-Smurf46d ago,the Playstation 5...


PC is best if your willing to work AND pay for it... consoles will always be a thing, get it.

ssj2746d ago

you forgot to mention for pc slow loading buggy bugs huge cheating fanbase. Viruses . Few hrs of wasted time every few weeks to clean up the pc. Inconvenient uncomfortable sitting on a small 1080p or 1440 small screenm needing to spend over 1500 t keep un every 5 years. No Playstation exclusive well one or two evry 7 years now. No real friends or family who are able to play wth since they won't drop 1500 ecry few years like you did. Not really owning the games since is all digital and if online goes down and zombie apocalypse happens n you wont be able to download any if you haven't already. Lol and and yeah socom by gg is coming helps network coded by mark cerny and animation by team san diego . Who cares about pc or xbox if this rumor is true rip xbox and pc the nxt socom will break records and you can't play that on pc

BeRich23345d ago

Can I play uncharted and God of war on your pc? What about Spider-Man and infamous? Killzone? S t f u

SickSinceSix45d ago

A lot of misconceptions on both sides whenever this gets bought up. I'm happy to play Sony exclusives on my Playstation and third party games on my more powerful PC. I have an HDMI running across the room to my TV so I can play on my TV from the couch, using a Xbox One Wireless controller if I want, or I can use my 27" monitor which is plenty big enough when I'm sitting right in front of it. Believe it or not you don't have to use only one system and they all have their pros and cons.

DarXyde45d ago


30fps is true, sometimes. Paid online is true, certainly. Small library? Quality over quantity, I say. It's probably why PC gamers have been port begging for games like Bloodborne.

For PC:
Your frames are not unlimited. Nothing will ever produce unlimited frames. you could have something with the power of a theoretical "RTX 8080 Super" or 20th gen i9 and not only will it not push out an unlimited number of frames, but it may well be capped at 30fps depending on your monitor. Humble yourself on that one.

PC does NOT always have the best version of games. Arkham Knight is a testament to that.

Free online, sure. There are still consoles supporting that though.

Largest game library in the world is literally due to backwards compatibility going back decades. You get one point, not two. Again though, quality over quantity.

Ability to tweak game settings is present in some console games. Not a PC-exclusive feature.
Mods are present in some console games. Not a PC-exclusive feature.

Emulators, meaning you want to emulate (wait for it) console games? Is your "largest game library in the world" not good enough?

Cheapest games is cool. Free games are also nice.

I like consoles because they offer some level of greater protection against shovelware and frankly, I really don't care much about anything you've said. Frame rate sure, okay. I don't care how large a device's library is if a very slim portion are even worth my time. That's just me though. I've often considered building a PC, but I really see no reason to do so.

1Victor45d ago

“Unlimited frame rates “🤷🏿‍♂️ 🤦🏿 🤣 😂 🤣

Elda45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

LOL!!! Smh. What AAA exclusives.

TheTony31645d ago

That's cool and all but PC doesn't have the games that i want.

TKCMuzzer45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Stupid DRM
No games actually designed to push the hardware artistically or story wise, just toggles to make the shadows , resolution etc higher (this is not the same thing as pushing the hardware)
Initial expense
PC elitists talking crap.

Plug and play
All games work (well they should do)
Games designed to push the hardware
Games guaranteed to run due to standardised hardware
Pretty much no hackers
Difficult to cheat
Level playing field in multiplayer

brrdatisback45d ago

best versions of games that's why pc gamers created the term "console port" huh?

cooperdnizzle45d ago

That statement is kinda bs. Backwards compatibility for decades. You try getting your current pc to play games from 5 years ago I'll wait. Best versions of games? When? They always have issues with new games and you have to wait and wait until they fix them if ever through driver updates. Unlimited frame rates. Hmmm maybe if ya have the best pc sure. If ya want any type of graphics upgrades over the console most pc will run at about 30fps. PC gaming kinda sucks. Used to be cool like 7 years ago though.

343_Guilty_Spark45d ago

All PS4 users have high end gaming computers.

Decadent_Descent45d ago

All the down-votes for what? He's 100% correct.

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S2Killinit46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Based on what we have seen in generation after generation, it is safe to assume that they will not disappoint. Then there was the reveal which tells me they are going to hit the ground running this time around. All the timed exclusive stuff is merely icing on the cake.

Thunder_G0d_Bane46d ago

They've not given me a reason to purchase a PS5 yet, spiderman isn't enough to pick up a £500+ console. So i'll be waiting for the games to stack up.

My PC is still the place to play with the fact I get Halo through game pass day one too its definitely gonna be an interesting fall. Cyberpunk at 60fps and Shadowlands expansion it will be a sweet xmas.

LegoIsAwesome46d ago

If HZD is indeed the start of Sony slowly getting into the PC market, what's the point of buying a PS5? For the sake of having a next gen console in your home?

Me and my bro's been debating whether we buy it or not if Sony will slowly port their exclusives in the PC. And before any of you troll, both of us got a gaming pc ps4 xbox and a switch but since we're a PS fanboys since we were kids we stick to ps4 for gaming purpose. So yeah we're open to all kinds of game but since xbox is basically a support system for PC and ps4 soon maybe? having a PC and Switch combo next gen might be our way to go.

Vengeance113846d ago (Edited 46d ago )

You seem to not realize that Sony isnt MS. PlayStation is a huge cornerstone of Sony's entire profits. Sony pushing 3+ yr old games that no longer turn a profit onto PC so they can then make a profit and convert PC only gamers onto PS5 is nothing short of genius.
Good luck playing HZ2 on PC before maybe 3-4yrs down the line if ever.

mkis00746d ago

When a sequel to a first party game comes out on pc, thats when ill believe it.

One true first party title so far. 3 years later. I'm fine with that. Ssd tech being what it is will make porting harder for ps5 games.

Imalwaysright46d ago


If that's Sony's goal it just goes to show that they don't understand the PC community.

RememberThe35746d ago

I feel the same way. If Sony takes the MS route I'll gladly build a new PC and just run with that. I buy PS every gen because consoles are simple to use and PS makes great games. If those games are on PC I'll take the relative head ache of PC games with the freedom and performance it offers.

Sokol46d ago

If you enjoy waiting for years to play those PS exclusives that's your choice.

Also you are assuming most of the PS exclusives will be on the PC.

Maybe who knows but you won't see them for couple of years. And even at that point they will cost 10-20$ on the Playstation nstead of full PC price.

SpineSaw46d ago

Demon Souls reboot alone is worth the price of the PS5 no matter the cost. You PC clowns can wait you turn to get it lol so enjoy the broken mess that will be the Halo 5 game I'm not sure why anyone would bring that mess of a game up. Lol!

DeBroglio46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

"If HZD is indeed the start of Sony slowly getting into the PC market"....

mmmm.. dont see that happening to be honest

Shaggy230445d ago


"Sony pushing 3+ yr old games that no longer turn a profit onto PC so they can then make a profit and convert PC only gamers onto PS5"

Wouldn't Sony not releasing any games on PC covert more people to PS5?

I mean with HZD going to PC, don't you think PC gamers will have the thought that "well they've released one game on PC, they may release more, so theirs no point in getting a PS5"

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wwinterj45d ago

I'll be picking up a PS5 next year myself. The PS5 only games by then will made it more worth the investment. Still it's cool most current gen games that are coming out will be upgraded to the PS5 version fro free. That is certainly a intensive.

Retroman46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

PS5 has not enough games at the moment for me to pay 499.00 GT7, Miles Morales Spiderman , R&C Rifts Apart is not enough reason to purchase.

( I don't personally play open world anything)

Godmars29046d ago (Edited 46d ago )


You're saying there's a pre-order slot open...


Retroman46d ago

As I stated above
@ godmar

I don't and "Never" will buy or play open world games. I don't know what you talking about (pre-order) slot are open now.

Christopher46d ago

@Retroman: Essentially he's saying that you not pre-ordering means there's one less person to pre-order the console. Meaning you won't take up a pre-order slot.

gunnerforlife46d ago

@retroman I'll gladly take your preorder spot 🤷🏻‍♂️

zacfoldor46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I'm just worried about getting one for myself and another for my brother, lol. The whole value proposition went out the window when I got the scarcity worry. I wish Sony would just mail me 2 on launch day and I would pay for them. Easy.

46d ago
NeoGamer23246d ago

Agreed with you.... Neither console vendor has a compelling reason to move to the next gen yet. You look back at this last gen and really a compelling next gen game did not show up until year 3 (Bloodborne).

PS: R&C Rift Apart and GT7 weren't announced as launch games so really it is just Spider-man.

zacfoldor46d ago

I can say this. For those with 4k HDR TVs still on the original PS4, IMO the upgrade is HUGE just going to the PS4 Pro(much less the PS5). I have a Pro and I'm not waiting a year to play even just multiplats on better hardware. As for my game, well Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Demon's Souls are what I'm most hyped for, but really the PS5 quality of life upgrades, plus multiplats, I'm in without even considering exclusives. So I guess I'm an early adopter.

I do have a feeling that the PS5 will sell loads out of the gate, and I bet it is hard to get for some time after launch, but that is just a guess.

Retroman45d ago

@ Neogamer

Glad someone see the light besides me.
Back in the day ps1 had variety of games that interest you.
PS2 had games you liked.
PS3 had games you like
PS4 barely had anything that I (personally) like.
If PS5 bring back retro-style games for old schooler's and open world military games for this generation things be fine. latest news I've heard Jak and Daxter 4 is in development. that would give me a Fantastic reason to buy PS5

RememberThe35746d ago

I'm buying one for Miles Morales knowing Sony won't stop pumping out great games. GT7, Horizon, R&C are just the beginning.

Retroman46d ago

I'm saying 3 games I like is Not worth 499.00 machine. I'm sure it is the Beginning

RememberThe35746d ago

You're gonna wait til there are 20 games you want to play then try to play all 20 while games are still being released? If you can marathon like that then blessings to you, but I still have a back catalog of PS4 games I haven't gotten to. Getting the jump start on next gen works for me and I'm sure there will be a PS5 ready for you whenever you're ready for it.

janus22546d ago

Lot of gamers nowadays play BR like Fortnite, Warzone and Apex. So if they upgrade it to next gen standard (like 4k 60 fps or 120 fps) trust many people gonna pick next gen console day one. Even PC Gamer because console remain the best solution to avoid cheaters. 😝!

RememberThe35746d ago

Man that's me. I want next gen Apex so bad!