Hitman 2, Greedfall, Dead Cells join PS Now in August

Experience the ultimate spy thriller, shape a world’s destiny, or survive as long as you can in a roguelike platformer.

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TheRealTedCruz317d ago

All great gets.
Greedfall is a personal favorite from last year.

umair_s51317d ago

Neat, better than last month. Dead cell and hitman 2 for me.

TheRealTedCruz317d ago


Wow. You have an opinion.
Aren't you special

LucasRuinedChildhood316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

I was just reminding you that TLOU2 is better than Greedfall, TheRealTedCruz, and by a large margin.

I can see that someone spent the time to downvote my more recent comments, e.g. a comment on a Superhot review from a week ago that barely got any traffic in the first place. Hmm ... looks like I offended someone on N4G and for that, I am sorry. haha

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TGGJustin317d ago

It's worth pointing out that as usual PlayStation doesn't list all of the new additions in their blog post. They actually added 8-9 new games but they only mention these 3. Games like Power Rangers Battle for the Grid, WRC8, Warhammer and more were also added.

LucasRuinedChildhood317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

They really need to bulk up PS Now but this is a decent month. The bigger games are being removed too fast for the service to feel fully formed though.

I'm actually kind of disappointed that they added Hitman 2 because that means it will probably never be added to PS Plus. Might just buy it while it's on offer

ThereGoThatManQ317d ago

They can still add it most likely right before 3 they did it with uncharted I believe.

I honestly think PSNow is underrated there are a lot of good titles

The only difference is no day one releases

LucasRuinedChildhood317d ago

I was thinking that they might do that but at the very least, it won't go on PS Plus until it's taken off PS Now next year

caddytrek317d ago

PSNow is awesome, it's got so much variety. For $5 a month if you have a PS4 it could easily be the only $5 you spend since you don't even need Plus to play the games online.

It's really a fantastic and underrated service.

Christopher317d ago

PSNow has more games than the competition.

And big third party titles stay on for a minimum of 6 months (120 days).

What's with the disinformation around this service?

oakshin317d ago

Once I started researching the services around 6 months ago I found misinformation and psnow go hand and hand I'm very happy with it common sense tells you the games to stream and the games to download

TGGJustin317d ago

People think that Game Pass is better just because Xbox exclusives are on there. The thing about that is those exclusives haven't been very good outside of Ori and Forza Horizon. The thing I like most about it is that a lot of new indies release on there same day as release. Other than that they both get a ton of the same AAA third party games.

caddytrek317d ago

Here is the full list of games, I don't know why Sony doesn't list them it's like they don't want to sell things sometimes with them.

Hitman 2
Dead Cells
AO Tennis 2
Pure Farming 18
Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

Ghostbob317d ago

Got both PS NOW & Gamepass both are excellent services so many games to play it's crazy.

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