7 years later, Xbox figures out how to make always-online gaming work

The Xbox Game Pass Android announcement finally accomplishes what Microsoft wanted to do back in 2013: give gamers a reason to accept always-online gaming.

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darthv7249d ago

Imagine that... "streaming" requires an always online connection. Who would have thunk it? /s

littletad49d ago

That spin will work on N4G though.

RazzerRedux49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

What? This isn't the same thing that Don Mattrick tried to do with Xbox One being "always online" at all. That was a DRM check-in method, not a service for streaming. Just a silly comparison.

caddytrek49d ago

Even if this was a reasoable comparison which it isn't. Wouldn't that mean that PlayStation figured it out 6 years ago with PSNow which has has streaming since 2014?

ApocalypseShadow49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

This article writer is ridiculous. I could type a lot. Everyone knows I can. Nope. Not this time.

Just an apologist trying to rewrite history implying similarity to forced DRM. And that it was a good idea. I thought so initially of similarity. Since it has similar themes. But DRM was no choice, being monitored, being counted physically by a camera, always having to check in, no trade ins or lending to a friend.

But you don't need game pass to play Xbox one or Series X or any game in game pass. The system still works. Even offline. And without a camera. Most gamers still don't like the idea of DRM. No matter what influencers say.

And this article is still a puff piece for game pass.

FallenAngel198448d ago

7 years later and people still are trying to find ways to justify Microsoft’s original vision of the Xbox One? 🙄🙄

Sayai jin48d ago

These two concepts are not the same. So there is no justification. By that logic, Sony (any streaming service) and other companies are using "always online".

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