Hands-on with the Razer Kishi for Xbox, Game Pass and Project xCloud

Neil writes: "Come September 15th 2020, Xbox gaming will change forever more. No, it's not Series X that is getting a launch, but Project xCloud will be combining with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to ensure that Xbox gamers can take their games on the go, easier, and more swiftly, then ever before. That is where Razer are coming in, and with their Xbox branded Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller for Android, the opportunity to go gaming on the go will become ever easier. Thanks to Razer we've been able to get hands-on with their new Kishi for Xbox ahead of the official release"

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crazyCoconuts912d ago

$99 seems a little steep if they want to go mainstream for that price you could buy an actual controller and a clip. Anyway, really odd that the guy chose to show game credits instead of game play on the thing where you'd actually use the controller

RazzerRedux911d ago

Controller and a clip allow phone cases to remain on the device as well. This looks like I would have to take my case off every time to use it. For me, that has always been the reason I've avoided things like this.

TheEnigma313911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

$100? This should be no more than $60. I do like the design though.

Rocosaurus911d ago

Cool device. Terrible name.

RazzerRedux911d ago

What's wrong with Kishi?


911d ago