Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & xCloud Trailer Shows Plenty of Xbox Games Played on The Go

Following the announcement of the integration of Project xCloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate landing on Android, Microsoft released a dedicated trailer.

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crazyCoconuts57d ago

That's a very attractive and compelling ad. MS does a great job marketing their products imo. My brain is telling me streaming over LTE will be a train wreck (I've done it with other technologies and it wasn't consistent), but this ad gives me hope. My brain is also telling me that streaming over most public WiFi access points will also be a train wreck because of similar experiences. I hope I'm wrong. If I'm not, you're left with streaming from your house, and that's not something I need to do except for remote play every once in a while. So I don't know... Looking forward to trying this and hopefully being surprised

roadkillers57d ago

I was apart of the beta for XCloud. It was very good for connection vs latency. I played on WiFi so it may be different. Most people want to talk about the negatives so I’ll give those:

Cannot play two player on one device
When connecting to a television, there are issues
Not all games are present at XCloud

darthv7257d ago

I too am in the beta and it seems to work rather well over something like the wifi at mcdonalds and starbucks. A few hiccups but nothing outrageous. It certainly is better at my home and I only have 45mb ATT on my Galaxy S6 (yeah i know its old but it works). I was pretty impressed.

57d ago
RazzerRedux57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Another way to play is with an USB C to HDMI adapter (assuming the phone has USB C). Plug your phone into a TV HDMI port and fire up a game on the big screen. I've played games this way with my Samsung Note 10+. Works pretty well with a good connection.

IRetrouk57d ago

I use screen mirror on my note 10 plus with my samsung set, does a good job to be fair, xcloud works well on my home wifi 5g connection, horrible on my 2g one though, even though it can still reach speeds of over 100gbs, always found that a bit odd, I did report it to ms but never heard back, still, it is a good service and it works well enough.

crazyCoconuts57d ago

Have you been able to try it using LTE without WiFi? Don't know if they opened that up yet...

IRetrouk57d ago

Nope, the experience was that bad on a very strong 2g wifi connection that I didnt even bother to try on my phones connection, cant speak on its performance there I'm afraid.

crazyCoconuts57d ago

As an aside, I I remember quite a few years ago buying my kids a PSTV and a years subscription to PSNow for $100 thinking they'd play the heck out of it. It was ok, and the PSTV (which was really small ) even had an option to go wired for streaming. Performance was fine, albeit everything was 720p at the time. Wild to see another round of this so many years later.

SegaGamer57d ago

Streaming on public wifi will surely be a terrible experience. I don't see how it can be any other way.

djplonker57d ago

microsoft about to figure out what sony did in 2013..... streaming big games will be very niche and will always have an input delay that makes most games unplayable.

57d ago
porkChop57d ago

It depends. Around where I am, some places do have terrible wifi while a lot of others have some pretty good connections. A lot more people have started using using public wifi in recent years, so many places have been investing in better internet. A good guest/customer experience often results in regular/repeat customers.

Ghostbob57d ago

unfortunately with xcloud it's been pretty bad where i am i hope it improves over time this could be good.

57d ago
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