GamersInfo Review - Spider-Man: Web of Shadows "Spider-Man has been all the rage since the beginning of this decade. With the release of each movie comes the expected fandemonium of which I have to admit, I am a guilty participant. But this isn't about a Spider-Man movie. It's Spider-Man: Web of Shadows for the PlayStation 3. Developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, you play the titular hero Spider-Man aka Peter Parker who, as always, is battling the nefarious evils that are threatening New York City. It may just be another chapter in the ongoing saga of Spider-Man, but it manages to leave its mark by combining good gameplay and an original storyline that's outcome is affected by the decisions you make during the game.

The story begins with the world falling apart around Spider-Man. He flashes back to four days ago, when he's in the middle of a battle with Venom. After it's over, Mary Jane is in the hospital, and a piece of the symbiote has managed to bind itself to Spider-Man giving him the badass powers of the dark suit. His attention is subsequently focused on battling local gang members with Luke Cage, chasing after Black Cat and doing some investigative snooping with Moon Knight. As it turns out, the symbiotes are spreading and infecting regular citizens all over New York City, inching Spider-Man's world gradually closer to the haven of chaos you see at the beginning of the game."

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