Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Delivers 100+ Games Directly to Your Mobile Device Beginning September 15

From Xbox: "Our vision for Project xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming technology, is to give you the opportunity to play the games you want, with the people you want, anywhere you want. Since launching the public preview across North America, Europe and in South Korea, you’ve shared stories about the unique ways you’ve played from the cloud while providing invaluable feedback that’s helped us improve the experience."

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KingKionic 1144d ago

Xbox Game pass in unmatched.

Microsoft is basically planning for the endgame now.

Shikoku1144d ago

It's not unmatch you can do the same thing with remote play and PsNow 🙄.

mandf1144d ago

And over 700 games on psnow. You all forget a service has more games and higher rated games. Keep shilling

1144d ago
umair_s511144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

If you ask me this is pretty sick, I can play halo infinite, avowed, hellblade 2, everwild without spending a cent on hardware. I will sign up. MS finally delivering.

343_Guilty_Spark1144d ago

People only talk about PS NOW in an effort to diminish the capabilities of GamePass. But nobody honestly seems to care about the PS Now service.

1144d ago
fiveby91144d ago

No thanks. Not interested in XGP. I have the service till Feb 2021 as it cost me $2 for 14 months last winter. But I won't bother renewing. I rarely play any of the titles and I am surely not interested in streaming games to my mobile phone.

itsmebryan1144d ago

Isn't PS going to start using MS cloud services? So, MS will start making money off the same Sony fanboys the made fun of the "power of the cloud.". Lmao

darthv721144d ago

@zero, the main difference is new releases. PSNow has the larger library... if you are into older titles. GP rotates out every month with a fresh batch of new releases and fan favorites.

pinkcrocodile751144d ago

I had no idea you could play all Playstation exclusives on the service on the same day they are released?

WOW, that changes everything

aquamala1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Xcloud threads are the only place I hear people talking about PS Now

Bruh1144d ago Show
Christopher1144d ago

***Xcloud threads are the only place I hear people talking about PS Now***

Too bad it's not the only place where people oversell GamePass by ignoring the competition entirely.

rainslacker1144d ago

Dont think that anything has been proven that people care about xcloud either. Game pass seems popular, but as far as game selection goes, the only advantage GP has is that it has day one releases. Psnow has quite a bigger selection though.

BlackRaven85_11144d ago

@Shikoku @mandf You actually can't stream on PSNow from a phone. Way to show you know what you're talking about. Or dare say, ever tried PSNow to begin with. 😏

Livingthedream1144d ago

I'm so sorry but we all know ps now is sub par man. Seriously it's not great at all. And the games on GP vs what's on PS Now just not the same at all.

RangerWalk2671144d ago

PsNow is nice. I subscribe to it as well. But to have the quality of games that Gamepass has is unmatched. Day one new releases is HUGE!!!
Plus, Microsoft has invested BILLIONS over the past decade to build Azure. Hell, they even have the United States as a customer. And I believe Sony is going to be paying them for the infrastructure. The AI learning with decompression and streaming is too notch.
Plus, they are updating their server blades to the XBSX specs. UNMATCHED.

morganfell1144d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

So after the first month it is $180 month, plus tax, to own...nothing. The backwards compatibility argument makes the case that always being able to play the games you own on the latest hardware, adding value to the games you own matters. Yet this service is about owning nothing. Regardless of your feelings on that, owning nothing is not consumer value. $180 plus tax. Owning 3 great memorable games a year > owning nothing.

morganfell1143d ago

Correction to the above. Typo. The statement should read, "So after the first month it is $180 a year, plus tax, to own...nothing."

DJStotty1143d ago

Remote play requires you to be connected to your playstation, xcloud does not.

If you want to use outside of your network, the playstation needs to be in a low power standby mode and then gets "woken up"

Quite a difference.

DJStotty1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Yeah but no..

"To use PlayStation Remote Play from computer, you must:

Have a PlayStation®4, with System Software 6.50 or newer.

A Windows-based computer with Windows 8.1 or newer; or a Mac with OS X Yosemite or OS X El Capitan or newer.

Enable your PS4™ and your computer to communicate. Follow the steps below to setup your PS4™ and mobile device."

Source : Sony themselves.

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crazyCoconuts1144d ago

What's the endgame? Do all other subscription and streaming services crumble away and Xbox dominates the gaming world? I really want to know how this ends

Godmars2901144d ago

Which doesn't really involve their console.

ps360s1144d ago

I just dont understand Xbox only gamers now...instead of a prober console generation...they want Xcloud to be their thing now ...understandable since the Xbox console isnt doing as good as Playstation 4 and its something Xbox owners can brag about...but common I myself hate this whole games being played on other systems apart from your own...same with Playstation if they were to put out their first party titles straight to other systems, I would hate it...

Sitdown1144d ago

I don't recall many people saying they want Xcloud to be their thing instead of a proper console generation. They are celebrating the ability, not saying this is the only thing wanted.

Christopher1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

There's no issue with there being more options. People can be happy for that. My only issue is acting like the competition doesn't have similar options and others acting like this is the only thing Xbox is doing for their gamers.

rainslacker1144d ago

Think xcloud and game pass often get lumped together for the purposes of discussion. MS has two services that essentially add up to the one psnow service. However, if I understand correctly, the two MS services will be sold as one, or on some tiered thing...or something.

neomahi1144d ago

You clearly don't see how this is going to affect you. Game Pass games come and go. Developers are also making a few cents a game off of Game Pass. They know something we don't which is why they're wanting to jack up the price for everyone else. On Xbox it comes with the subscription but on PS4 it's going to cost $69.99. So tell me, if you were a developer and you developed for game for Xbox and you made $.25 off of every download, because Game Pass is under $10/MN and game development is getting much more expensive and you knew you'd be making $60 off of every PS4 copy sold that has the largest install base, which console would you develop for? $.25 a download, or $60? Game Pass is only for first-party studios and independent developers that don't have a problem making $.25 per download (a percentage of the Game Pass subscription sale also divided up amongst hundreds of other developers, to make any kind of money would require sales of Microtransactions.) Are you prepared to deal with that? No third-party developer wants to make pennies, they're a business. So you're likely going to be playing a backlog of games thatve already made their money and are now scraping up what's left. That's what it sounds like to me and a lot of Activision promise in the signed agreement with a dev. "If your game sees more downloads then you'll receive bonuses, that's a big gamble for an arrogant developer, I think devs that are smart will see this and shy from it trying to sell full games and if they can't competing with Game Pass, bail on Xbox altogether, there's no real money to made.

1143d ago
derektweed11143d ago

Developers don't make $60 per game sale, first Sony take 30%, the publisher needs to recoup their investment.
You clearly have no idea what your talking about. You have no idea how much MS are paying for games on gamepass, so just stop.

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RazzerRedux1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

"You can join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate today for $1 for the first month, then $14.99 per month after that. In addition to cloud gaming, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes access to more than 100 high-quality games for console and PC; exclusive member discounts, deals, perks, and Xbox Live Gold."

So much for Live Gold going away. Seems to me xCloud should be available in the base GP pricing at some level. Lower priority, shorter play period, etc. Geforce Now and Stadia have free options at this point. Having to get Ultimate for xCloud is a bit much.

lonewolf101144d ago

Hopefully that is only for the initial period as it would be odd to tie it to the Ultimate (they do say free for Ultimate so maybe other pricing models will be announced).