"At Rare, having a diverse team is incredibly important to us"

(Xbox Studios Developer) "Rare are delighted to return as Headline Sponsor for the MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games Awards this year"

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-Foxtrot849d ago

That’s nice and all but diversity does not = talent

Best people for the job should always come first

LucasRuinedChildhood849d ago (Edited 849d ago )

More diversity in the top ranks of Ubisoft would have resulted in a much better portfolio of games over the last decade.

It depends. I used to have a fairly hardline view on this topic but I changed my mind when I looked at the data. Corporations don't have bleeding hearts and they don't do things that they know will hinder their bottom line. Most studies show that diversity leads to higher productivity, more innovation (look again at Ubisoft) and higher profits for companies. ***That might sound like a talking point but companies have the data and they know it's true***. That's why they're so desperate to have a more diverse workforce. The PR is really just a nice bonus.

I've studied computer games development (programming, not game design) in college and it was a complete sausage fest. I'd already done part-time jobs where I worked and made friends with different kinds of people, had my first girlfriend, etc. so I found this really unappealing, tbh. From my own experience, diversity is a good thing and will improve the games industry.

-Foxtrot849d ago

"More diversity in the top ranks of Ubisoft would have resulted in a much better portfolio of games over the last decade"

Or you know, just not filled with abusers and sexual predators

Anyway they used to go on and still say how "woke" they are yet all the shit that happened in the company shows how hypocritical they actually are.

Point is if you go into something and say "We're going to focus on diversity, we need a black person, an Asian person, a Middle Eastern person, someone who's Gay, Trans, Non Binary and also we need someone who's classed as handicaped then you'll go out looking for JUST that, it comes off then you are exploiting these things for show and to keep people happy.

When really, you might have just missed 1 or 2 applicants who could have made the next "Assassins Creed" level franchise or had an idea that could have refreshed Prince of Persia to critical acclaim, extreme examples but you get the point.

ForwardDude848d ago

Diversity is a kind of accepted racism and sexism where you are loved only for the color of your skin. In a perfect society, everyone would be human and skin color or gender or religion is not even considered since it's not a critetia for hate ( racism ) or love ( diversity ).

RazzerRedux848d ago

"Most studies show that diversity leads to...."

...whatever that study was designed to show. Social and political "studies" are created in order to push an agenda.

"From my own experience, diversity is a good thing and will improve the games industry."

Certainly, because of the shortage in skilled workers overall.

gamer7804848d ago

More diversity of thought would be great, more new ideas generated.

garos82848d ago

what absolute nonsense. you wanna make a change Lucas, why dont you get a job in primary schools. I hear there is a severe lack of penises teaching our kids. Instead of being the sausage fest "problem", be the change you wanna see

Sayai jin848d ago

To some, equality (or the equaling closer) feels like racism/oppression. Those folks are going to have a rough time as time progresses.

LucasRuinedChildhood848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

"what absolute nonsense." Out of interest, could you highlight something in my comment that's actually wrong? If my comment is just nonsense, then that should be fairly easy.

"I hear there is a severe lack of penises teaching our kids." And thank God for that. haha

Taking your comment seriously for a moment, a diversity initiative doesn't mean that people can't pursue what they're passionate about. I would approve of similar initiatives for schools to increase the amount of male teachers so I'm consistent in my views.

Also, there is now a significantly higher percentage of women in most of the tech industry than there was just 5-6 years ago while not much progress has been made on race if you look at the stats. Common sense will tell you that men of different races are not genetically predisposed to being more or less interested in computer science than one another.

RgR848d ago

Diversity in viewpoints doesn't mean racial diversity. Ubisofts portfolio hasn't changed due to greed not anything else.

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Christopher848d ago

Saying a diverse team is incredibly important to them also doesn't mean that talent is less important.

I don't know why people always have to say things like this. Highlighting one important element doesn't mean they don't hire talented people or other important factors in hiring.

gamer7804848d ago

Talent and personality should always come first in the hiring process. In person interviews should be a relic of the past. Names should be replaced by serial numbers when applying.

LucasRuinedChildhood848d ago

Some people feel that an initiative to get a bit of diversity into a company is fundamentally unfair and that it represents an attack on them. That's it, really. I used to feel the same, tbh. I don't think a lot of people here have thought much about the topic besides how it relates to their own self-interests.

RgR848d ago

Because diversity does not equal talent. If diversity is really important it directly goes against talent because it would conflict in many cases.

Saying diversity is super important to them conflicts with the goal of getting talent into the studio.

If this was not the case you would get more deadlines about how they are looking for the best talent no matter the skin color. Now that is inclusive and that has the right priority.

If you have a more talented asian then hire the Asian. If it's a more talented white person then hire them. Same for black, Latino, etc.

CaptainObvious878848d ago

"Saying a diverse team is incredibly important to them also doesn't mean that talent is less important."

Because as soon as a company starts being racist/sexist and wants to know what someone's skin colour and reproductive organs are they have to sacrifice talent. It's as simple as that.

Christopher847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

***Because diversity does not equal talent. If diversity is really important it directly goes against talent because it would conflict in many cases.***

***Because as soon as a company starts being racist/sexist and wants to know what someone's skin colour and reproductive organs are they have to sacrifice talent. It's as simple as that.***

These are likely the most racist thing I've read in a while. You should really read what you just typed. You just said that talent is associated with these things and that looking for "diversity" has to mean giving up talent, which means those of different backgrounds can't be talented because if they look there it is being sacrificed?

I seriously hope that's not what you meant.

And saying you look for diversity, again, does not mean you don't require talent as well. We don't live in a world where talent is only in a few hands, it's in the hands of millions. That's a pretty big pool to utilize for job searches, especially as those people with said talent tend to congregate in specific regions of the world because that's where the jobs are located.

rainslacker847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

I'm not fond of the idea of companies actively trying to hire people based on things that are not legal to not hire them for. Basically, if you can't say no to someone because of discriminatory factors, those things shouldn't be considered a positive either. I'm a firm believer that equality means equal, and that any candidate should be looked at on their own merits. In jobs such as these, two equal candidates should not have one chosen to meet an agenda or quota.

However, I am also a very firm believer in increasing the number of people that fall into those under-represented groups to want to go into such fields that typically do not have a lot of people in said groups applying for them, learning the skills or going to school to get those jobs, or just increasing knowledge on these jobs to these groups so that they may becoming interested in them. This just means more qualified candidates as a whole, regardless of any of those factors.

That to me is a more long term solution to the problem, and it's the reason I participate in, or sometimes lead STEM sessions which uses various IT or computer engineering related programs that emphasize younger girls who typically aren't exposed to these jobs being something they'd be interested in at an age where they'd start forming their ideas on what to do with their life. Most of this is through normal social engineering that we see today, and the expectations and general cultural constructs that men and women have in society, which is ingrained in them at a young age. Programs such as this are also branching out into things like marginalized racial groups, immigrants, and more recently under-privileged areas with a focus on recognizing talent or ability with the purpose of helping with scholarships or financial aid....which is actually pretty exciting, although not much of that around where I live.

As far as your rebuttal goes though, focusing or going too much towards diversity does indeed mean that people that shouldn't get a job over someone else do. I've seen it happen at big studios that claim to be diverse....even one that was owned by a publisher who is considered well ahead of the curve, and often celebrated across many IT fields, on their hiring policies on this matter.

I won't say that it's always the case, because it most certainly isn't, but it does happen enough that it shouldn't be happening at all.

A bigger problem I see though is that there is this systemic undercurrent which seems to automatically think that some of the talented people that fall into under-represented groups got their jobs because of that. However, in the end, I've also noticed that a person's work ethic, and actual work output tends to make that go away after a while....although I assume that isn't the case at every studio.

I will say though, that this debate does tend to go to the extremes on either side. Lots of anecdotal thoughts, or sometimes just misconceptions. The good or bad of it all tends to be somewhere in the middle, and more often than not, the actual outcome at any given company is probably negligible. The effect it has, has more of an impact when taken as a large data set, because at any given company, you may only have 3-4 out of 100 that may get hired because of something like this....and that's assuming a large studio. More often than not, not hiring someone because of discriminatory factors would mean losing out on talent more than the other way around.

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Sayai jin848d ago

-Foxtrot, in the same breath, diversity could mean the best talent. It can be sliced multiple ways.

SullysCigar848d ago

But we all know what they mean. They mean, "look at us! Aren't we nice? We're doing the PC thing! Bang on trend! Love us for this and give us your money!"

What I want them to say, is, "look at us, we're getting the best person for the job every time, ensuring fairness to everyone! No box-ticking here! Just awesome games incoming, because that's our sole focus and THAT'S why we deserve your money!"

RazzerRedux848d ago

Then they should say getting "the best talent" is what is important.

Sayai jin848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

You mean that what some peiple mean when they say that. You can't broad brush everything.. i do not know what they mean neither do you.

They are not supposed to say what you want them to say, the same goes for me, or what anyone else wants them to say. I see what you are trying to say, but as aforementioned, they may be hire the best and diverse team. How do we know they are or are not. It ttypically don't make assumptions.

Also, PC is subjective. What one person calls PC isn't the same for others.

RgR848d ago

Nope. If you go for talent you may get diversity and talent. But if you go for diversity you may not get the talent.

rainslacker847d ago

It does go both ways. However, I think the idea of hiring someone to meet a quota is also more an active decision than the other way around, as many people don't actually realize their own perception bias when it comes to race or gender related equality in the workplace.

While I have no data other than my own perceptions, I've always felt that not hiring someone because they're a woman, or of a certain race, means potentially losing out on talent. Diversity hires, at least in IT fields, do tend to at least try to find someone qualified...even if they're not the most qualified. However, nowadays, the most qualified can sometimes have a hard time finding a job, because it's cheaper to get someone with less experience.

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Knushwood Butt848d ago

Being diverse is OK as long as it doesn't extend to abusers and sexual predators.

monkey602848d ago

Ubisoft have been banging this drum for years and it was all very clearly empty statements. We know exactly how this diversity was treated within their studios for a long time now

NVMGaiden847d ago

The more diverse a company or organizations' leadership is, the more efficient its output. That's a statistical probability.

CaptainHenry916847d ago

What happened to Rare from the old days

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Vengeance1138849d ago

Maybe if they focused on actual talent instead of having tunnel vision for race only, they'd produce better games!

jambola849d ago

And like a lot of companies
More important than quality

aaronaton848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Here's a top tip, if you think your portfolio is letting your application down, tell them that you transitioning into a black lesbian that also has autism.

On a side note, I've seen what they're working on for their next game, and it looks like the biggest load of hippy rubbish I've seen in a long time, i wouldn't be surprised if they shipped the game in a hemp case. That's where
forced diversity gets you i guess, making hippy hemp games for vegans.

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