Xbox and PlayStation Please Stop This Ridiculous Game of Chicken

As we enter August, both Xbox and PlayStation don't seem eager to rush to reveal prices even with holiday launch window inching closer and closer.

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DJStotty57d ago

No one wants to lose out on price. Whoever announces first will get undercut the day after.

I would place a dummy price placeholder to force the competition into a decision, and then double undercut lol.

Jin_Sakai57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It’s not just the price, Sony still hasn’t revealed the UI walkthrough, PS5 tear down, new PSN, PS Now for next gen, or what exactly the create button does.

There’s a lot to still be revealed.

anonymousfan57d ago

Yet I feel as though tons of people are ready to pre order the PS5 regardless of those features and price 😆 mysrlf included.

Elda57d ago

I think all will be revealed along with price,release date & pre-order between late August or mid to late September.

morganfell57d ago please stop these ridiculous articles.

LM121357d ago

xbox hasn't even revealed anything running on their system. I'm starting to wonder if something is wrong with it

morganfell57d ago

"The games were revealed"

SOME of the games were revealed.

Army_of_Darkness57d ago

Ms is scared to get undercut by Sony again and Sony is just chilling like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons tapping their fingers together saying **Exxxxcellent**

badz14957d ago

Sony will never give the PS5 teardown

DJStotty57d ago

and with the Series X, we have not seen the UI walkthrough, controller features, console features.

IRetrouk57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Badz, mark cerny already stated they would be doing one.....

DJ, I dont think the xbox ui is changing too much, are you an insider? The preview of the new store should give you a good look at what the series x ui will likely be like.

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Abracadabra57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

NO prices!... NO info on launch exclusives!... NO release date!...

Don't worry. Everything will be announced on the PS5/XseriesX release day (whenever that is).
Have a lovely day!

DJStotty57d ago

i'm preordering as soon as they open, same as every other gen.

dumahim57d ago

I think whoever goes 2nd is just going to match price and the whole back and forth is going to be all for nothing.

darthv7257d ago

I've already come to terms that both will be no more than $600 so anything announced that is lower than that is just icing on the cake. If one of them happens to be around the $300-400 mark then that one will be the cake topper.

DJStotty57d ago

I'm guessing around £399.99-449.99 in the UK.

Anymore than that and i think sales will start off slow.

anubusgold57d ago

@DJStotty Why? The consoles are actually worth the price now you are getting way more than what you are paying for. I just wonder how this will effect Nvidia crazy prices on graphics cards they cant keep charging double for cards when consoles are coming out that are good enough to match most of what they can do the framrates are still way below pc though.

S2Killinit56d ago

It seems MS wants to undercut because it is literally their last chance to gain some much needed wind in their sail before both companies have all their cards on the table.

rainslacker57d ago

Unlikely to undercut. Both companies will have their price point in mind. But knowing the price point of the other allows the one that hasn't said create their messaging to sell the value proposition better.

Bathyj57d ago

I don't think Sony will undercut Microsoft but Microsoft will definitely undercut Sony. that's why I want Microsoft to go first.

Sitdown57d ago

I agree, Microsoft has made it very clear that it won't be a repeat of last generation, and we all know that can't afford for it to be.

NeoGamer23257d ago

As I go through this exercise I am seeing that people fall for marketing more and more.

1) Neither console has revealed its update UI fully
2) Neither console has a price yet
3) Neither console has a game launch lineup fully announced yet

I follow the news and forums and gamers often say that games are everything. Yet neither company has announced their games lineup. So, gamers are resorting on the PS side to, "Well Sony always delivers", and the XB side is resorting to, "They have a lot of studios that are going to deliver". Neither is relying on fact for the next generation though. Just because Sony delivered in the past doesn't make it automatic they deliver for PS5. And just because MS has stacked up a ton of studios does not mean they will deliver for XSX.

As an objective gamer I need these companies to announce their games lineup, fully reveal their UI, and state their full hardware price (including accessories), so I can make an informed decision whether to go into the next generation or take a wait and see approach. At this point I have no reason to buy either console.

OB1Biker57d ago

You forget a few important points though if you consider facts.
Ms revealed Series X in December and still hasn't showed any new game running on it.
They still haven't announced their (not so) secret Series S.
Sony did it the traditional way. They showed new games running on it and then showed all the hardware.

DJStotty57d ago

Well said Neogamer232

I always like well written comments on this site, agree 100%

Shaggy230457d ago

Regarding the Xbox Series X UI, I get the feeling it'll be similiar to the Xbox One X UI, minor changes at best.

The PS5 UI, that us anybody's guess, Sony have said it's going to be changed.

I do agree on the launch lineup though, I get the feeling both companies will be relying on backwards compatible titles or next gen upgrades to current gen games to fill out their launch lineup. I mean Microsoft is already touting upgrades to Gears 5, Horizon 4 and Minecraft.

franwex56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I too don’t really have yet a reason to buy a next gen console at launch-except for the novelty. Even if all the games Sony revealed were available day 1. Those simply don’t appeal to me.

I’ll probably wait a year for more games and perhaps more reliable hardware as we do not know what bugs they may have.

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sprinterboy57d ago

10m hardcore playstation gamers month 1 purchase will sell out regardless of price.
Sony should just put pre orders up without a price imo, us launch day gamers will buy anyway

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ApocalypseShadow57d ago

Sony has sold PlayStation consoles lower, higher and at the same price as their competitor and still beat them. Even though I think Sony wouldn't and shouldn't give Microsoft the advantage, and I wouldn't want to pay more if I didn't have to. But, does it really matter based on history and a worldwide selling brand that's more popular?

The result may end up being the same. Right now, gamers are leaning into Sony's direction now. Even joking that Sony raised the price after Microsoft's SECOND game show. And they still want PS5.

Sony is just playing it smart by saying nothing until there's something to say. And it's working.

Abracadabra57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

During the beginning of the PS3/X360 cycle, Sony had to cut the PS3 price twice in a year to catch up...

So yes, the price is extremely important for Sony (and Microsoft).

hamburgerhill57d ago

Then Sony should have no problem pricing the PS5 ahead SX.

JackBNimble57d ago

Don't forget it also took Sony the entire gen to catch up and the numbers were marginal at best.

Sunny_D57d ago


The 360 after all did come out a whole year before Playstation 3 did though. The PS3 was still selling more than the 360 did in the same time frame. The only thing that helped the 360 inflated sales numbers was America and RROD.

nowitzki200457d ago

"to catch up".. It was a 1 year head start and from the release of PS3 forward it was outselling Xbox 360 year by year..

lodossrage57d ago


While what you said is true about Sony's price cuts, Microsoft cut their price on the 360 every time Sony did a ps3 price cut. The only time the prices were about even was when the generation was just about over.

Darkborn57d ago

Microsoft launched the 360 a full year ahead of ps3 and Microsoft counted all RROD and console repairs as a new console sold. Even with those heavily inflated numbers, sony still outsold them with a more expensive console.

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Saijahn57d ago Show
FreeFallFrenzy57d ago

And that's the thing with early adopters. They will pretty much buy the console at whatever price it's set at. If Sony goes for $500 Digital and $600 Physical and MS undercuts them, they will still have sold through all of the initial stock for six months to a year. Then come 6 months to a year down the road, put them on sales for $100 off until they give it a permanent price cut and they're still golden.

But we're pretty all assuming it's going to be $400 Digital and $500 Physical, which MS would have to go deep into their pockets to beat. Either way, I'm sure they each have fifteen backup plans to fall back on

chiefJohn11757d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Sony wouldnt call PS3 a W. They admitted they nearly went out of business because of it. If that's your idea of "beating" the competition so be it

ApocalypseShadow57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Yup. Arriving a year to a year and a half later, during a recession, selling parts of the company and still winning against one of the richest companies in the world. A win is a win.

And they made all that money back and then some dominating Microsoft this gen when Microsoft spent millions in counter marketing against PS3. Fancy that.

Microsoft needs to worry about price more than Sony does. But here's a prediction hint: $399 starting.

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JEECE57d ago

At this point I'd rather just have them agree to launch at the same price so I can just get my pre-order in (yes I realize there are legal issues preventing that).

Cupid_Viper_357d ago

Here's the problem though, Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X way back in December 2019 showing both Hellblade 2 and Halo Infinite. So I don't see why Sony would feel pressured or compelled to be the first one to do a price reveal.

Iamnothuman1257d ago

Corporations do this all the time. Nothing to see here. Keep it moving.

SmielmaN56d ago

I agree with you here.

Plus, why don’t ppl just look to the past to predict what they will need for the console of their choice? Here in Canada I can pretty much assure you one or both consoles will be $500 +taxes. Then, if youre like me, you also buy an extra controller and a game or three. Every gen I pretty much know this is going to cost me anywhere from $650-$750 to set up a new console and play on it.

Start saving $1,000 and then you will be one happy Day One consumer!

MetroidFREAK2157d ago

Agreed... this game has basically ruined all my hype for the consoles. I just want to know price and release date for both!

anonymousfan57d ago

I can live without E3 but I miss having all my holiday games and consoles pre ordered from June... This is a weird year for gaming (among other things).

jznrpg57d ago

We know it’s the holiday which is most likely November . All I want is preorder date . No amount of info is changing the day I get it .