Sony Discusses Strong First & Third-Party PS4 Game Sales, Investment in Epic Games, & More

Sony is hosting its financial conference call and CFO Hiroki Totoki talked about the trends of sales of first and third-party games and more, but stayed super-vague about PS5' price and volumes.

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RazzerRedux1038d ago

“At a time when digitization of the entertainment industry is accelerating, we plan to leverage these investments to expand the customer touch points for our diverse array of content as well as create new digital content and ways of enjoying that content that go beyond our business segments in partnership with these companies."

Expand customer touch points....beyond our business segments? That's interesting. Could be a lot of things. Expansion of PS Now on to mobile? More games on PC? Definitely sounds like an expansion outside of the PS console.

IRetrouk1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

I like the sound of them being proactive and actively working towards making their products reach more people, and also investing and working with more companies, hopefully psnow is part of that, the service itself is good, it just needs some tweaks and exposure.

1038d ago
RazzerRedux1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )


Well, they certainly didn't make that deal to get on Azure for nothing. Personally, I'm expecting a relaunch of PS Now with a lot more capabilities that will stand toe to toe with xCloud, Stadia, and Geforce Now. Perhaps even some integration of PS Now into the Epic Game Store now that Sony and Epic are in bed together (kinda). That would follow their plan to "leverage these investments". Obviously I'm just guessing, but they certainly have something going on that will translate into some pretty big news eventually.


"Sony games exclusive to the Epic store."

Sony didn't need to invest in Epic for that to happen. Epic pays devs to make their games exclusive on EGS, not the other way around.

IRetrouk1038d ago

Agree, theres no way all these partnerships and investments aren't leading to improvments to their services, plus they did say psnow would be getting worked on a good while ago, it's not a bad guess to make at all.

They dont need epic to release on pc, they are perfectly capable of publishing games on pc themselves, they done it years ago, they stopped for a bit but seem to be starting again, I honestly have no idea why they invested in epic, maybe it's to fund a game development? Or some sort of deal for exclusive use of some tech? Or maybe they really just wanted a slice of the pie? I dont see why Sony would need to invest in epic to get their games on epics store, epic would bite sonys hands off to get exclusive rights to their games on pc, sony would not need to invest for that to happen.

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East76lands1038d ago

Mak7ng their games available on PC is fine , but will there be a point in which it starts to affect their console sales?

IRetrouk1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Yeah epic would get their cut regardless, as would any storefront sony would use to publish on pc, if not their own.

I do believe there is a reason for the investment, just not sure why.

@east, not sure, I dont think we will see day and date releases between ps5/pc, at the moment they seem to be being very selective of what they bring over, who really knows other than sony though lol.

ocelot071038d ago


It depends really if they start releasing games on pc and ps5. Then I can see that eating into there sales.

If they do what they did with horizon and just release a old game years after a PS5 release then I doubt that will effect ps5 sales.

Like I can see them doing a Bloodborne patch for ps5 so it's 60fps 4k and releasing it on pc as it's a 6 year old game now.

DigitalHope1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Sony buying into Epic goes beyond games. It infiltrates movies and TV now with studios turning to Unreal Engine to create backdrops and special effects. It makes it no or super low cost for Sony entertainment studios to use and allows Sony to grab revenue off of others.

In terms of games it allows Sony to grab some of the pie of digital sales from Fortnite, Rocket League and whatever else. Sure it’s a super small percent, but it’s a small percent of a grossly massive pie.

What I also think it does is allow Sony to use Unreal Engine without the royalty costs involved. Now most first parties use in-house engines, but this possibly now will allow first parties to save on the RnD of engine development. Although I see this as a low possibility what I really wonder is does this create more incentive for second party development and does it allow Sony to negotiate a higher percent of revenue for third parties using unreal engine when games are sold on their platform vs competition. Does this also allow Sony more reach into exclusive content without really hurting their bottom line.

Also with the point of outreach, I can see Sony (with the end of E3 and most conventions as we know it) start to create online conventions to get the same kind of demos and experiences on a show floor but in your home.

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Father__Merrin1038d ago

There entitled to branch out but that would be the end of Sony as a traditional console gamer market. Otherwise there's no point in buying a ps5 they loose a player to all the eco system ie controllers accessories psn plus etc. On pc especially for more senior gamers if they jump to PC there likely attach onto other things that pc offers

RememberThe3571038d ago

I'm keeping my eye on that. If Sony starts putting their games on PC consistently I'm jumping ship and becoming a PC gamer. I love how simple console gaming is but PC gaming just offers so much more freedom and the games are cheaper.

Father__Merrin1038d ago

@remeberTheifbtheybdo that then why should anyone buy a ps5 what do they offer to choose their platform?

crazyCoconuts1038d ago

That is interesting from a business perspective. Maybe it's just me, but as a gamer, I'm tired of hearing about the subscription model and streaming. I feel like I've been there, done that, and not impressed. The biggest and most exciting change I want to see pushed is VR. That fundamentally changes how we play and is transformative. Tired of hearing about what stores our games will be sold on and how we'll choose to pay for them. Give me new experiences

rainslacker1038d ago

Gotta love business or talk that loves to use hyperbolic buzzwords which make it so they dont really have to explain what anything means. Synergy is great.

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stuna11038d ago

Everyone's throwing their guess in the hat, I guess I might as well throw mine in as well! Maybe it has nothing to do with Epic storefront per-se, since Sony has PSNow on their own console as well as PC. I just don't see Sony wanting to interfere with their business model in place already! But if Sony actually invested in the Unreal Engine itself!? The implication are huge on Sonys front! Anyone who has access to the engine could actually be a revenue stream. It's definitely not out of the realm of possibilities, afterall Sony did in fact play a part in development of Unreal Engine 5.

Name Last Name1038d ago

I’m sure Sony just wants a cut of all the money UE5 will bring.