All You Need to Know Before Diving into Fall Guys

Player 2 gives players a primer on what to expect before diving into Devolver Digital's latest.

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NerdBurglars48d ago

ive heard the trophy list in this is going to be a nightmare

Si-Fly48d ago

Who cares about trophies?

Viking_mo48d ago

People who collect trophies. Trophy hunters

Viking_mo48d ago

The gold trophy come first place 5 times in a row. The madness

philm8747d ago

Win five times in a row!? That's crazy even if you're good at it, will need a lot of luck.

whitbyfox48d ago

Downloaded remotely at work, 5pm cannot come soon enough.

Hellcat202048d ago

I don’t see it available in ps store yet
On mobile or console

whitbyfox48d ago

Really? i’m in the UK not sure if that is why then.

monkey60248d ago

Theres an abundance of server issues right now so prepare yourself for dealing with that

Its great fun when you get it going though

whitbyfox48d ago

ok cheers sure the servers will calm down over time, glad to hear it’s fun too.

GoodGuy0948d ago

Game reminds me of mario party.

48d ago
philm8747d ago

Really good fun. I hope it gets good support with new mini games over time. Also would be great to have a split screen co-op mode so someone could join you online, seems a no brainer.