PS4 Has Shipped 112.3 Million Units; PS5 Release Still on Track For The Holidays

Today Sony announced its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, which relates to the period between April 1, 2020, and June 30, 2020.


Update: Sony has made a sneak change to its PS4 sales figures for Q3 and Q4 of the fiscal year 2019, throwing the total calculation off by 100,000 units. The original article reported 112.3 million units and has been corrected to 112.2 million units

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THC CELL49d ago

I really don't care about the sales
Buy glad ps5 still on track

Sunny1234549d ago

More sales means more devs work on more games, more money for Sony to invest in new studios/ips. Dont be so fast to dismiss the sales aspect. Its the only reason why ps5 is coming, and is on track

THC CELL49d ago

I no what ya saying but sales are not my bragging points

blackbeld49d ago

When I bought NES, Super NES, Playstation, N64, PS2, Xbox, PS3 and PS4 I never think about sales. All I care is the games I want to play on that system. So THC CELL is absolutely right on. Sales are just for the fanboys and mostly Microsoft fanboys.

fr0sty49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Looks like PS4 will eclipse PS2 to become the best selling console ever. It should be able to close the gap once price cuts hit after PS5 launches.

tombfan49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I love how gamers feel entitled to brag about this kind of stuff when we do actually nothing, we just play the finished product and feel like it’s our product... “bragging” points haha you all should just feel grateful that there are wonderful people developing amazing games so we can have a good time while just (most of the times) complain about everything.

WelkinCole48d ago

At those that say that sales dont matter. If no sales or very low sales. There will be no gaming industry anymore. You guys heard of the dreamcast?. You guys ever like a game and hope for a second but sales were low? Yeah sales matter

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CaptainHenry91649d ago

My bragging points are good games and exclusives and we all know which consoles that delivers on that constantly. I can name two

ZeroBlue249d ago

It is possible to talk about sales without having it devolve into fanboy nonsense.

TheScotsman49d ago

You new to n4g? Cause that never happens on here lol

xHeavYx49d ago

"I really don't care about sales"
Comments on a news article about sales.

NeoGamer23248d ago

Console sales mean something but not as much as people think. Things that skew the numbers:

1) People re-buying because of collector editions
2) Re-buys for PS4 Pro
3) Re-buys because their console died after warranty
4) Buys by the same person for multiple consoles for multiple TVs or two play couch co-op on two TVs

It is difficult to understand true numbers.

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potatoseal49d ago

Well done. Playstation is top level

Flawlessmic49d ago

Thats great, now can they give us more news on the ps5 alreadyyy!!!

Patience levels are at an all time low, and just want to hear more about what the ps5 can dobalong with seeing the games.

I love my ps4 and it had a great run but i dont wanna hear about it any more, bring on the ps5!

Profchaos49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I'm really hoping to hear more about ps5 backwards compatibility since we know we won't be hearing anything else on unannounced games. I want my ps4 games to have some enhancement on the 5 I'd be happy for that on the state of play

Flawlessmic49d ago

Wow so many down votes for simply being excited for the ps5, whats up all your ass's?

SamTheGamer49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Sweet.. The lifetime will be around 130 Million?

franwex48d ago

Looks very achievable. Of course it depends on the price of the PS5.

Eonjay48d ago

I would say 120 biut who knows. There are folks out there waiting for the PS5 to release so they can snag a PS4. I mean we never got to a really cheap price to the PS4

Platinum_k48d ago

yeah... doesn look like BIG BRO PS2 will be dethroned this gen... Maybe PS5?

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