The spiders in Grounded are gorgeous but they're an absolute menace

Eurogamer: Grounded, unlike Minecraft, has a more scripted world, with a story to providing structure and a path of sorts to follow. You're essentially trying to find out what the hell is going on and why you're so small, and why there are tiny research bases here.

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Sayai jin49d ago

My kids scream.when the spiders c9me out of no where or drop from trees.

WGAF49d ago

They are quite scary with glowing red eye at night. They also followed and hunt you, which make them even more menacing. It genuinely gives me the goosebumps, like my first encounter with the zombie dog breaking through the window in resident evil 1 back the day. Haven't felt like that for quite sometime.

This game is surprisingly good horror survival game so far.