Phoenix Games reviews Quantum of Solace

It's a shame Bond video games climaxed a few generations ago with "Goldeneye" on the N64. That mythic game casts a long shadow. And rightly so. However, there have been some good Bond games since then and "Quantum of Solace" is definitely one of them.

The problem is it's just good, not great. That's not only disappointing because of the "Goldeneye" curse, but because James Bond should be the easiest hero to build a great game around. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe the fact that he can do so many things makes it difficult for developers to get him to do a few of them well enough to carry a game. (It's probably the same reason why Superman games are always terrible.)

"Quantum of Solace" the game picks up where "Casino Royale" the movie left off. Bond is back to settle the score and the action comes fast and furious in an opening level that showcases some nice first-person gunplay and an obvious rip off of the "Gears of War" third-person cover mechanic. Phoenix Games did't mind that they poached from Gears because it works well. (In fact, it works so well that Phoenix Games kept expecting to have to perform an active reload each time they ran out of bullets.)

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