Take-Two "Sure" to Release More Older Games for PS5 & Xbox Series X;Comments on GTA5 Next-Gen Launch

Today Take-Two Interactive Software is hosting its quarterly financial conference call for investors and analysts and chief executive officer Strauss Zelnick and president Karl Slatoff talked about the publisher's next-gen plans.

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SamPao46d ago

I'd love that, missed it last generation

NeoGamer23246d ago

I would like to see them remake the whole Max Payne trilogy not just Max Payne 3.

seanpitt2346d ago (Edited 46d ago )

As much as I would loved MP3 I know they wouldn’t remaster it, just didn’t sell enough copies for rockstar this game is done. Best experienced on pc the ps360 looks bad now in 720p

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Chard46d ago

San Andreas is probably their most timeless game

ThatArtGuy46d ago

I still prefer Vice City, but San Andreas is great too.

Army_of_Darkness46d ago

Seriously?! Another gt5 relaunch for next gen?!

Shaggy230446d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Yep, you know Rock☆ will milk that GTA5 cow for everything its worth.

b163o146d ago (Edited 46d ago )

This just in R* to delay GTA6 until the launch of PS6 and Xboxײ.

On a serious note GTA6 is being held back because of GTAonline, this is my opinion and the only evidence I have is GTA5 is coming to next gen consoles.......AGAIN!

Shane Kim46d ago

In this case, that's proof enough for me.

wwinterj46d ago

Take Two* I mean it's not R* choice.

Myst-Vearn46d ago

if we want GTA6, we have to stop sinking $$$ into GTA5
seriously. Haven't people had enough of that game

jukins46d ago

Or alternatively keep playing gta5 so that gta6 is that much better? You act like gta 5 is a bad game. Its a huge game. . With free content added on the regular.

Myst-Vearn46d ago

wow, really? yeah I think they need more of my money to "help" make GTA6 a better game. Maybe we should donate as well?

and I didn't say GTAV is a bad game, it's an OLD game that they have been milking for a decade. Why would they bother make a new GTA if people keep pouring money on GTAV?...with how profitable GTA ONLINE is, they might skip the single-play portion of GTA6 and make it an online-only game.

SickSinceSix46d ago

Oh yeah, yeah and maybe they should start a Patreon too, so we can help them fund more money, because clearly they haven't got enough yet to fund a new game /s

jukins46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Oh I forgot yall "gamers" without a sense for business. . Yep lets abandon gta5 the game that has almost single handily carried take two for a decade. . .the game that constantly tops monthly sales charts. Why would they abandon that to rush out another rehashed gta story. Not to mention somehow you want everyone who's enjoying the game to stop playing it because somehow you think gta6 wl come faster? Lmao wow ok continue on

46d ago
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