Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Shipped 32 Million Units; Grand Theft Auto V at Nearly 135 Million

Take-Two announced new shipments figures for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V during its quarterly financial conference call.

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FallenAngel198447d ago

Rockstar is just going to coast on these two titles unfortunately while all they’re other series fall by the wayside

What an abysmal outlook from a consumer prospective

b163o147d ago

It killed me seeing GTA5 on the PS5, 3 freaking Generations bruh. R* once dropped 3 GTA games on one console. They have become greedy as hell, and probably why D.Houser left the company. That being said, I'm still patiently waiting for some GTA6 news

TheColbertinator47d ago

5 actually. Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories also eventually landed on PS2.

Shaggy230446d ago

Didnt Sony do the same with Shdow of the Colossus?

I mean I loved that game back in the day on my PS2, but I never saw the point in buying it a second time let alone a third.

anast47d ago

I agree. They won't fix their 2 year old server error issue.

CaptainObvious87847d ago

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the millions of casuals that continue buying this game and for continuing to support Take Two buy wasting money of shark cards and ensuring R* will milk these games for years before creating new experiences.

I am in no way bitter with your blind consumer spending.

JackBNimble46d ago

What difference does it make ? It doesn't sound like you would support Rockstar and buy their games anyway.
Infact most people in here complaining don't play R* games.

philm8747d ago

Hopefully they'll see it as an opportunity to have additional studios making their other series, knowing that the Rockstar brand will help them sale well.
Really don't care that GTA5 is on PS5, it's probably not taken too much effort to get it ready for it, and brilliant for people who are into the online side of things. Just more money they can plug into their next title, I don't see it delaying the development of any other games, the only thing delaying GTA6 is that they'll be making it bigger and better.

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meganick47d ago

It’s funny how Red Dead’s sales look bad compared to GTA 5’s, but 32 million is still a huge number.

TheRealTedCruz47d ago

Red Dead is also far newer, and only released on one generation of consoles.

I don't think that it will hit GTA5 numbers, but it will definitely grow in the next few years.

NotoriousWhiz46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

"only released on one generation of consoles."

... so far....

And I hear GTA V is hitting mobile phones next. ;)

Ezio204847d ago

Exactly. If we don't count Gta V, then Rdr2 is the best selling game of this generation, but in comparison to Gta V, its numbers look small.

Aloren47d ago

It's one of the best selling games, and 32 million IS a huge number, but it's not the best selling game ifwe don't count GTAV. PubG sold 60 million copies between consoles and pc. There are probably others that come close (witcher 3 is close to 30 millions I think...Minecraft sold like 80 million copies in 3 years...).

Ezio204847d ago

@aloren, pubg is not a full priced $60 game and Minecraft, just like Gta V, is a last gen game and it is also not a full priced game (with Mobile version purchases also counted in it's sales)

Aloren47d ago

hmmm ? You just said "If we don't count Gta V, then Rdr2 is the best selling game of this generation" , not "If we don't count GTA V and games that include mobile sales and games that are not full priced and games that were first released last gen, then Rdr2 is the best selling game of this generation"

but yeah, according to these criteria, it's probably the best selling game of this generation.

Still, pubg is the exact same price as GTA V on steam, and sold 42 million on PC. Other games like Rainbow Six siege and its 60 million players probably sold an awful lot too...

Sciurus_vulgaris47d ago

The numbers given are shipped copies. The sales figures of both games are probably considerably higher than the presented shipped numbers when you factor in digital sales.

seanpitt2347d ago

GTA 5 been out 7 years in multiple generations, RDR2 been out not even 2 years on one generation that’s very impressive Numbers

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Elda47d ago

They made some money off of those games & that's why R* has only made one game this entire generation which was RDR2. I haven't played GTAV & RDR2 I thought was quite boring.

phoenixwing47d ago

someone talked me into buying gta5 saying how great it was, so i bought it and hate the story just from playing the beginning. basically i paid for a sandbox with no story. I might buy rdr2 but i'm afraid of being burned again by the company

Profchaos47d ago

Rdr2 is a slower far more serious and very slow paced story than GTA v and it's pretty weak story that was pretty juvenile and disappointed me after how good GTA IV was.

Rdr2 was really enjoyable for me and I didn't particularly like GTA v

Shaggy230446d ago

I'd agree with Profchaos, Red Dead 2 story is a lot slower paced, however your not constantly jumping from one character to another (which I didn't like in GTA5)

For me RDR2 is the better game.

Elda46d ago

I didn't like GTA4 so I didn't bother buying GTAV & I just couldn't get into RDR2 after playing it for a few hours.

Knightofelemia47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Of course GTA is going to have higher numbers Epic gave it away free which helped the numbers, PS4 has the game on sale as well you can get GTA around $20 new now. I find GTA boring online now you can only run heists, missions, races for so long before it's like meh.

randomvoice47d ago

Damn 135 Million...With a PS5 release, it might literally hit 150 million which is crazy. Not even full fledged multi-installment franchise hit those numbers combined for all their entries. The game might sell more than the PS2 which was the best selling console ever.

MajorLazer46d ago

Not may, it will. By the time GTA 6 releases (2023-24), it'll probably have sold over 160-70mn units. Insane.

Sunny_D46d ago

Who is still buying this game? That’s even more insane.

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