Take-Two: Next-gen software price hikes "reflect the quality of the experience"

CEO Strauss Zelnick says he does not expect the industry to coordinate its software prices, however

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Hakuoro50d ago

I wouldn't be as sad if he wasn't talking about a crappy annualized sports cash grab filled with micro-transactions made as cheaply as possible to maximize profits.

I guess they saw enough apologists on sites like N4G that they didn't feel the need to back down.

Christopher50d ago

People on N4G aren't the ones making this possible. Most people who buy and play these games don't go on sites like N4G. But, they buy these games annually and will continue to do so.

And there weren't apologists on the article, but people saying that the people who buy these games don't care, which is correct. People on N4G aren't going to stop anything from happening like this unless they physically go around and slap people's wallets out of their hands or something.

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Livingthedream50d ago

Yup, and look at it this way. The PS4 community is massive here, and I remember vividly people staying they'd never pay to play online on PlayStation and Sony would never do such a thing and we'll look at where we are with things.

Shikoku49d ago

Your statement is false. People said this about the original Xbox one released with all it's DRM, paid loaned games etc etc. "The people on this board" and those like us as you put it are the exact one who spread the word and cause Xbone to be in third place almost all gen to the point MS went back to the drawing board and released arguably mid gen refresh trying to be next gen.

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Agent_00_Revan50d ago

They just know they have sports fans by the balls and that they'll pay whatever they charge. Fans of other gaming genres have options and know they can wait for a sale or skip a game all together. When you play those games isn't as important.

But Sports have become monopolized. Not to mention that Sports fans need to buy the games as soon as possible because the shelf life of a game is basically a year. You can't wait till the following year to buy Madden when all your friends are buying the current version at launch. Sports games pushing the price hike is actually the least surprising.

garos8249d ago

all the shills are these you tuberes who get their games for free anyways. Vote with your wallets people. Hit them where it hurts

Mr_cheese49d ago

Not that my opinion is really going to change anything as im just one slice of the big cheese but ill say it anyway.

If new games with the standard or GTA or RDR are released, then sure, ill happily put the money forward. If it is a gane that comes out every year, no thank you.

Sircolby4549d ago

^^^ This...There are some games that can justify the price. I find it absolutely laughable that the sports game devs think they are making something worthy of said price when in reality they should be $30-40 titles at best.

Sircolby4549d ago

LOL I agree 100%...If anything the sports games should be half price. They are just the same recycled garbage over and over again.

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ApocalypseShadow50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Waiting for a sale, discount or complete edition reflects apocalypse shadow's future purchases of price hiked games I don't see as worth the hike.

Hmmm...that's status quo now. Even for VR games priced higher than Steam that were ported to console.

GreatSako202050d ago

You can't waith for a discount for annual sports game. The next game releases in 11 fucking months and everyone moves to it. Just ignore these games.

ApocalypseShadow50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I don't buy annual sports games anymore. Stopped doing that a decade ago.They do go on sale though. I used to run a franchise game crazy. Sales happen all the time after release.

But thanks for your input.

morganfell50d ago


My comment was marked as inappropriate but that was not the intent. It was humor, nothing more. When you spoke of yourself in the 3rd person George Costanza immediately came to mind. Cheers.

ApocalypseShadow50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I was cool with it. I didn't get the joke though. Didn't watch seinfeld. Lol. I tried but it's an acquired taste. Seemed to me that they spent most of their time talking about nothing.

We're cool.

CaptainObvious87849d ago

I'll be doing the same of course, but unfortunately, many many casuals that don't know the value of money will most likely allow $70 to become the norm.

I would actually happily pay $70 for a full complete game, but games are riddled with MTs and shallow DLC these days.

It's why I'm still waiting for the GOTY edition for borderlands 3.

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nudawa50d ago

Dont buy $70 dollar games. Protest with your money.

TheRealTedCruz50d ago

Microtransactions were supposedly implemented to keep games from raising prices.

Now you want both, because money.
Got it.

Sephiroushin49d ago

And they sell a lot more games on digital and funny enough digital cost more usually ... I moved to PC and have bought only 1 game full priced (it was actually not full price since i got 10% diacount but it was Sekiro) ...

Many games dont justify the full price; and I am talking in a business perspective; Octopath for example is it a great game? It is an awesome game indeed, but its a simple game; they didnt spend millions and millions ala FFXV (thats a game from same publisher) making it or on publicity ...

XxSPIDEYxX50d ago

Take Two just being.....Take Two

SierraGuy49d ago

Maybe time to Take a Break.

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