How Rockstar Can Justify Bringing GTA Online Into The Next Generation

The developer is clearly focused on maintaining GTA Online, so here's what gamers want to see when it hits next-gen consoles.

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OtterX58d ago


Also I agree with the evolving map. Perhaps a new island to travel to.

b163o157d ago

An evolving map would help a lot, and I hate that it's even at THIS point with a GTA game. I don't see R* putting any effort into an expansion, hell the game sold 115million copies and there still haven't been any single player DLC...

RosweeSon57d ago

VR I agree with don’t own one myself but no doubt that would be cool I feel a whole new island or anything like that they should just save their time and effort and put into GTA6

xTonyMontana57d ago

There is already a VR mod out on PC so definitely possible.

SaveFerris57d ago

All they are doing is catering to the audience. If people want to keep buying shark cards, Rockstar will be more than happy to take their money.

anast57d ago

I played the 1st 3 and I cant believe this trend hasn't died out already. It's crazy to think there are so many people that still want to digitally LARP as "gangsters".

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BlackTar18756d ago (Edited 56d ago )


was being a jerk for no reason. Have a great day

BlackTar18755d ago

lmao did you really report me for inappropriate for saying "So Edgy"

Lmao if it wasn't you imagine the type of loser who would report something like that?

anast55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I didn't report you. I don't even down vote people when they take a jab at me, it's all good in love and the internet. However, you are calling people names with no evidence at all. Dude, you have some serious issues or you just might be a monumental ass-hat, but that is not for me to decide.

BlackTar18753d ago (Edited 53d ago )

You do know saying you're edgy isn't really calling you a name edgy: "at the forefront of a trend; experimental or avant-garde" Its sarcastic ribbing at worst. LARP is live action role play and you can't larp in a digital world.
SO we've come to the conclusion you don't understand either word larp or edgy.

Also what evidence is required lmao.... now what the hell does that even mean? I do now however have enough evidence to conclude you're a monumental asshat who is a dumbass.

anast53d ago

LARP can be used as a metaphor, can it not? At any rate, I don't understand. You don't make sense, which is why I asked you in the first place and you still don't makes sense.

BlackTar18752d ago

You do not use larp to describe a digital action.

I don't make sense? You say you can use larp as a metaphor but cant understand the use of edgy or its meaning even after i post its definition.
Dude you're nuts and make zero sense.

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