Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man Isn't Associated with Insomniac Games' Version of the Character

Crystal Dynamics has said it is creating its own take on Spider-Man for the upcoming release of Marvel's Avengers.

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Beta downloaded, Im thinkin this is gonna be pretty good.

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blue88318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

I don’t understand why they make the spider man dlc exclusive to PlayStation and not use the PlayStation version of spider man. Crystal Dynamics must hate money I guess.

Sunny_D318d ago

Cause it will confuse people into thinking they are in the same universe... if Insomniac decides to something story wise In the Spiderman sequel then it might contradict with the story in the avengers game.

AspiringProGenji318d ago

I don’t think people are that dumb to not differentiate the two spidermans. I mean Spiderman was in Ultimate Alliance 3 for Switch and that didn’t have anything to do with Spiderman PS4. Besides this is a Post launch DLC meaning spiderman may not have anything to do with the story

CobraKai318d ago

It woulda been perfect, especially how Spidey mentions the Avengers are on the west coast. Now we’ll get to scrutinize CD’s take on Spider-Man on every level. Hehehehe.

JBlaze226317d ago

I hope it will be a timed DLC because this will cause a rift with the fan base

badz149317d ago

what fanbase? when was the release of the last Avengers game? LEGO! and there is only one Spidey game this gen and it's exclusive for the PS4 AND it's currently the best selling superhero game EVER. and Iron Man VR also released recently exclusively for the PS4 too to great success. so...doesn't that mean that most if not all of the fanbase is on the PS4 already?

317d ago
JBlaze226317d ago

Not really because yeah exclusivity is not bad but doing it to multiplat games locking out a character to one console is not good. What if they announce in future that wolverine is going to be xbox or PC exclusives.

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The story is too old to be commented.