Phoenix Games reviews Dead Space

"Dead Space" is a real treat for survival horror and shooter fans alike. Not only does the game provide a refreshing new franchise in a sea of sequels, it's an absolute blast to play. Everything about this game works, from the fascinating story to the creepy atmosphere and over-the-top gore, "Dead Space" is essentially a hybrid of what gamers have come to love about action games.

The aesthetic immediately reminded me of "Metroid Prime." With main character Isaac dressed in a space suit akin to Samus Aran, and an outer space setting reminiscent of the hit GameCube title, comparisons are inevitable. This game, however, is much more brutal and graphic than something produced from Nintendo. "Dead Space" is a third person shooter that relies on a dismemberment mechanic to take down foes.

This is no ordinary shooter. At the start of the game, Isaac and the crew receive a distress call from a fellow ship, the Ishimura. Naturally, it's your job to hop aboard the ship and find out what went wrong. As you begin to explore the ship, you find something is horribly wrong, as you become prey to a number of "alien" hostiles. What initially was a rescue mission essentially becomes a mission for survival, as you seek to uncover the mystery behind this "alien" invasion.

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MegaBit4245d ago

I agree I have really want to start playing this game when i get the time.

Heldrasil4245d ago

It's okay...worth renting...I am playing through it now, but don't feel it's a 9/10.